18 gedachten over “Zoomin Max Keiser “He Who Has the Bitcoin Makes the Laws!””

  1. just like a Rothschild would say… BTC Maxisss… just a bunch of same old sickos…

  2. He's probably one of the biggest whales, I think his net worth without bitcoin is like in the hundreds of millions, he probably has over a million btc

  3. I've watched him for years and years. Always a bit different. But you know. There are elements in a bubble that sneak up on you and you don't really notice them until the crash happens and then you say "oh shit, clearly this was a bubble, look at this white suit purple glasses feelin himself man on NBC yelling and flipping chairs in excitement talking about how he can buy senators and congressmen and ripping up bills on TV because he's so insane rich he doesn't give a fuck."

    This is that moment. BTC will die inside of 5 years.

  4. Man, i should trade some of my bitconnect for bitcoin. This sounds like it could be the next big thing!

  5. For some weird unknown reason Max wore some kinda glasses the whole conference

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