Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s – Hyperdrive German Opening (Enhanced Instrumental)

Extracting the vocals was kinda annoying but I like the instrumental a little louder because in the original they overshadow everything. Audio could be a little crunchy here and there because my signal chain from back then was all over the place and it’s not the original clean vocal track 😀 Also I think the german lyrics have a more beautiful wording^^
Instrumental on Spotify:
My Instrumental cover:
English Version:

German lyrics:
Schau mich an – du weißt es ist soweit
Dein Puls rast, du bist bereit
Lass das Schicksal entscheiden, wer gewinnt
Warte ab was es dir bringt

Ich höre du kommst näher
Ich kann dich fast sehen
Ich spür den Wind, er treibt mich weiter
Fort von hier

Du gibst Gas – und du fühlst dich endlich frei
Wie ein Blitz fliegst Du vorbei

Du kommst immer näher
Ich kann dich fast sehen
Spürst du den Wind? Er treibt uns weiter
Fort von hier

Sieh, die Sonne erwacht.
Feuer besiegt die Nacht.
Grosses wird passieren – kannst Du es spüren

English translation:
Look at me, you know it’s time
Your pulse is racing, you are ready
Let destiny decide who wins, wait and see what it brings you

I hear you’re getting closer, I can almost see you
I feel the wind, it’s driving me further away from here

You step on the gas and you’re finally feeling free
You’re flying by like a lightning

You’re getting closer and closer, I can almost see you
Do you feel the wind? It’s driving us further away from here

Look the sun awakes, fire defeats the night
Something great will happen, can you sense it?

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Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin

Effect author credits:
Youlean Color Correction – Youlean
Blooming – Jph Wacheski
Linear – StevenM,Dubswitcher,Youlean
ScanLines – StevenM

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