YouTube Did Something Right!?

laatste update: 08-2022

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0:00 TechLinked is our OWN channel
0:17 YouTube adds anti-spam features
1:41 FCC urges Apple, Google to ban TikTok
2:42 Apple 3rd-party payments in South Korea
3:51 Vessi Everyday Move Shoes
4:39 Quantic Lab CEO responds
5:24 Rufus bypasses Win11 requirements
6:01 Intel ships Blockscale cryptominer
6:33 Mojo Lens AR contact lens
7:14 Cruise robotaxis go on strike

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30 gedachten over “YouTube Did Something Right!?”

  1. For a channel, and a company, who talks so strongly about user security and anonymity through their personal and professional recommendations, such as sponsors. I found it highly disingenuous that this channel would even hint at making light at the magnitude of China's data collection practices and wouldn't come out and vehemently oppose any and all TikTok usage.

  2. Oh gooood, they are solving the one problem no one cares about 🙄

    I get it, I hate spambots too, but that is literally the lowest concern on the list right now!

  3. can't users in usa access data from users in other countries?? the fbi can access all data of non-americans in all social media sites, get a mirror for f sake!!

  4. Even LMG knows that the only benefactors of the ATTEMPT to hide the dislike counters are just corrupt and shitty corpos 😀
    (Any user with an IQ above 10 knows how to bypass that with Return Dislike Button)

  5. I'm still mad that Luke isn't involve in LTT videos as much anymore. Luke and Anthony single handedly make this channel worth watching.

  6. TikTok should have been banned years ago, but Trump took that chinese money all the way to the bank so that he can plan an insurrection. Biden admin should have banned tiktok the minute he took office, of the greatest failures of his administration so far.

  7. "increased strictness" noone knows what it does. Removing hidden subscriber counts feels to me like Youtube removed the dislike counter – i loved the option.

    What would actually help aggainst those Kind of spam is to Block comments from people being the same name as the creator, having the same pic etc. and leaving it up to the creator to approve that specific comment or not. Simple as that…

    Dunno how removing hidden subscriber counts helps in safety of the Community ngl… I hate Youtube for this Kind of bs.

  8. I still want YouTube to restore the DISLIKE count! (Not that I have ever needed it for the content produced by you guys in any of your channels.)

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