“You’ll own nothing and be happy” is happening right before our eyes!

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29 gedachten over ““You’ll own nothing and be happy” is happening right before our eyes!”

  1. I always love how the WEF invoke "muh democracy" in their videos, yet they are unelected rich people who control everything without say from the people.

  2. I love you and your sarcasm,it's not funny, but we have to make fun it's so stupid.
    I'm not that stupid

  3. Speaking for myself only > i hv always been happiest when i owned nothing

  4. i don't understand…ifa border agent disagrees, can't they just walk over and say to the National Guard "How can i help you? I disagree on moral grounds of the unConsitutional Order i was just given"

  5. The federal government handed out 362 million dollars to border NGO's this week to help support illegal migrants. Does this speak loudly to you ??

  6. It’s so disgusting what our government is doing at the border. Thank you Travis for your reporting. I’ve learned more from you than the news.

  7. We could definitely end this fall if we would but stop watching it happen and start taking it on in force, as if we were real Americans.

  8. Dems will never loose another election ever again. All tgese Mexican will b future dems cuz thats who jeeps em here. They will all be voting dem once they become citizens. This is fucked like literally crazy town nuts 🥜🔩 like 😮

  9. 1 Posted a video of a reporter going off script at the border. He speaks the truth, you should take a listen, if you want to know what's really going on

  10. The American people could of very much have 🛑 stopped this mess. Unfortunately, the LAZYNESS of evil they prefer over their iwn families.

  11. My question to THEM is will they own nothing and be happy as well? If they want something, will they rent it too?

    If the next presidential candidate isn't talking about things like removing ourselves from the WEF, if they aren't talking about restoring YHWH to HIS throne above all things, and returning this government back to be subservient to the people, then I'm not interested in having a 47th president! We can just fight it out and we'll start back at 18!

  12. I reluctantly watched FOX news for few minutes last night…the report said the people were flowing in orderly and paperwork was done quickly…for some reason i do not buy that…..

  13. THEY really just want to kill most of us like bugs being exterminated so they can start over again with AI hybrid humans that are chipped and totally programmable and maybe even soulless. The Terminator model . In their dream of the future only they will be human (even tho most all the Elite who control things are reptilian hybrids ) They actually hate real humans and to them we are just to be used as slaves. They want us eating bugs and lab meat Soylent green and living in prison cities .Meanwhile back at the ranch where we are the livestock, US military jets spray us with toxic Chem Trails. Alluminum boron and even plutonium and who knows what else. The great Reset is all about exterminating the human race. Hunger Games are here.

  14. Twitters new female CEO is a HIGH RANKING WEF member….

    People Believe in Musk, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, Musk is WEF too.

  15. RESEARCH ZOETIS! GATES partnership to mRNA vaccinate wildlife and pets..Hunters magazines has articles stating they've injected 100 million wildlife in last 1.5 yrs!!

  16. Thank you your research n wisdom knowledge ….God bless ❤🙏🙏🙏🙏

  17. May has well be no one at border they not allowed to stop anyone

  18. My cousin is in the Marines and he just told me he's being sent down there because the cartel is at war with the Mexican army and I'm assuming he's going to assist with cartel war

  19. Brothers and Sisters please pray for my son because he is uuder attack by the thieves who run McDowell County North Carolina.
    He started from scratch and for over 4 years now he has been improving a few rough acres near the town of Nebo N.C. in order to make it a totally self-sufficient home.
    He's spent nearly 100K and a lot of hard work in his efforts and now the county is foreclosing on the land because they say a $200 tax bill was unpaid by a previous owner in the early 1980s.
    The last owner, prior to my son, has had a clear deed to this acreage since 1987. The authorities won't accept payment, even though it isn't legitimately owed, choosing rather to steal my sons only home instead.
    They hate anyone who can feed themselves.

  20. The Bible tells us a story about a young man who brothers sold him into slavery After a while he was sold again and did very well until his owners wife lied on him and he was but into prison But when GOD is with you he makes a way for you and it turned out because the king had bad dreams GOD told Joseph what the meaning of the dreams And that was it was going to be a famine in the land for years Joseph told the king what to do so his people would not starve But in the last year of the famine the people didn't have anything else to sell to buy food So Joseph and the King bought the people and their land and they was glad to to it so they wouldn't starve………After the famine the people had NOTHING they had to work just for their food and a place to stay NEVER to own land anymore…… Sounds like what's coming…King James Bible Book of Genesis chapter 41/49

  21. THE AGENCIES OF TERROR HAVE BEEN PUSHING EVERYONE TO STOCK UP ON SUPPLIES,we know they could care less about america,ITS simple,their coming DOOR TO DOOR,and all the cowards will look out their windows and see their HERO"S,then AFTER THEY KILL YOU FOOLS,they'll take all your supplies..AND YOUR YOUNG WOMEN into SLAVERY ..any guess what they'll be doing…..

  22. I don't care what the government does to the cowards who claim to be men,I DO CARE WHATS ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO THE CHILDREN,THE LORD called and called FOR THE LAST TWENTY YEARS,none of you have stood up and NOW ITS Almost TO LATE,I hope you all know the LORD, you'll all be meeting him shortly..Face to Face…

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