You Need To See This VRA UPCOMING MOVE! (Top Bull Run Pick?)

In this video, let’s talk about #verasity and its token VRA!

Verasity is an open-ledger ecosystem designed to fight advertising fraud, provide open access to infrastructure for publishers and advertisers, and reward users for watching video content. Verasity also provides payment solutions and a rewarding staking ecosystem

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0:00 Intro
0:58 Verasity VRA overview
1:42 VRA updates
5:05 VRA Technical Analysis
6:10 Conclusion

Please remember and understand that all of these videos are strictly opinion pieces. Everyone has different opinions and approaches to the market and we always advocate for doing your own research. This is NOT financial advice, all decisions you make, whether based off this video or not are at your OWN risk.

27 gedachten over “You Need To See This VRA UPCOMING MOVE! (Top Bull Run Pick?)”

  1. I ama so sorry..VRA will never hit to 0.80. I think İt may hit 0.040 or 0.050

  2. Great video, could you do a video like this on Orion Protocol and COTI please?

  3. Great video and thanks for time as usual Josh.. Would you be kind enough to look into what i believe is a fantastic project (cspr) Casper Labs.
    Not many people are aware of this even though it broke into the top 100 a couple of months ago.
    Cardano on steroids..

  4. What I don't understand is where. Why should Twitter youtube etc use vra? They make profit from clicks. Doesn't matter if bot or human. Honest question

  5. I'm impressed by the depth and thoughtfulness in this video. Powerful stuff!

  6. Let’s go VRA the Alt coin gem of 2024 not sure how this project is not in the top 100 yet. So much to come. 0.30-0.50 minimum next bull run 🙌🏽

  7. Circulating supply around 10B, maximum supply 110B – that sucks

  8. “What exchange they on & how much I need” – Wen Moon

  9. I am holding vra token 50 thousands for the last 6 months bro . In the bull run in 2024 last I will selk it @25 thousand usdt . Thanks bro .

  10. Solid project for sure, great to spread the word… Vra will is totally awesome, real world use and a great team.

  11. visa card vra looks interesting…….

    VRA gonna flyyyy

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