1. I’m in Lou … actually gettin out of corrupt Wall Street and buying XRP-XLM and others … hope to finally make bank …. Stocks was a waste of time …

  2. Bro you are so late on this shit..get a clue been buying for Year plus..XRP XDC XLM Get hard wallets you Lou Are late

  3. But you get that means nothing right? Who is the consumer for their wholesale goods and services? That is why the BRICS are a joke and why wholesale devours (manages) their portfolios – they dont get that they are only one half of the equation and have limited trading between each other. Its like they are racing off a cliff and dont know it yet, kind of like Russia in Ukraine – or retail in US markets, or the mark at a slot machine in a casino.

  4. You seem like a great reliable informed guy, yada yada yada. Can you give some credible source material direction where I can get edgemakated?

  5. we cannot buy ripple in NY. Maybe consider starting a business that will take money from NY and you sell and send thr crypto for a commission

  6. I’m still heavy in GTII( gonna run mid July). I also have some XRP. Once GTII rips Im gonna also go heavy in XRP.

  7. What is the transaction cost of this normally? I don't fully know this so I am having a hard time understanding the value proposition here. A credit card transaction is a percent off the top right? So what's the back end to insure that transaction? There's risk reduction by blockchain verification and instant settlement, but how does a coin (an individual denomination) end up maintaining a price or value that's beyond what a credit card transaction fee is to a vendor?

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