Would I buy Monero?


Question from Patreon member: XMR/BTC chart has been on fire in 2022. NOBODY talks about it. We know you don’t like Monero as an investment because there is no institutional adoption (in your opinion), but Monero kWh/tx less than Bitcoin kWh/tx due to ASIC resistant algorithm + block reward is like Bitcoin post 2140, isn’t that the perfect PoW blockchain design? What stops you from nibbling some XMR?
Recording date: February 1, 2023
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  1. Might want to buy some, just incase it catches on, with the future :P.

  2. Privacy is the most important aspect of Crypto. Monero is my favorite but I'll be happy if any privacy coin that is truly private with no back doors can change the world. Dero is also interesting

  3. ESG is evil
    Blackrock and Larry Fink are evil bastards

  4. BTC for saving, XMR for spending
    Protect your privacy!

  5. Any details at all…
    The begining seeded promessing though.
    Is it a teaser before the real explanation ?

    If not, this is probablement disappointing for most of the audience, I guess.

  6. This guy doesn’t actually care about crypto, he just wants to make money off of it, proof is that he wants institutional money to come in, which is exactly who we are trying to escape from !!! The whole point of CRYPTO is to never get out of it. Not to sell back into fiat. It’s a lifestyle / reality not some get rich quick scheme. People don’t get it yet. Crypto is the key to TRUE freedom and we are using it to wipe our a**es right now, what a shame.

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