Will the Philippines see the next Axie Infinity anytime soon? | Luis Buenaventura | CG Backstage

Yield Guild Games, the organization that has played a major role in the popularity of Axie Infinity in the Philippines, is constantly on the lookout for the next #Web3 game that will take the PH market by storm. Luis Buenaventura, YGG country manager for the Philippines operations, tells #CGBackstage on the sidelines of the Bitskwela Bull or Bear Web3 Debate in La Union that there’s a lot of games that show potential—and YGG has seen the whole gamut, being an investor in 75 games to date—but game development takes a long time. And while everyone’s waiting for the next Axie Infinity, YGG is busy ensuring that the Philippine market is educated on how it can leverage the opportunities that Web3 is bringing, such as in #playtoearn gaming.

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