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  1. what can I do with a double aqua team (pure aqua damage) that now is worth very little and which schoolars don´t really like?

  2. Great recruit Elijah! Having this man will make your Guild a very good one. Excellent collab of great minds, tactics and economics! Many of us small investors and starting to loose hope about SLP, but whenever we listen to people like you, it's uplifting and inspiring us to hold on. Keep up the good works man!

  3. I just want to ask, Ryan said that power ups probably will be available/work only in PVE? Now that SLP in Adventure is going to sunset, will this update still be useful and effective?

  4. Couldn't/shouldn't it be that evolutions burn axies? Everything else you've said I agree with and can remain the same. I've just seen this with other NFT and makes more sense to my than burning for craft supplies but ionno tbh 🤷‍♀️ just loving the speculations!

  5. 6:156:17

    These guys deserve to be paid double by the people who paid them to do this video.


    Burning mechanism has nothing to do with the price of SLP.

    There were several crypto projects who had burned massive amounts of their holdings but it didn't increase the price of their coins.


    Everyone is waiting for SLP burning mechanisms such as evolution, part upgrades, crafting but when these burning mechanics are launched, no one will burn SLP to upgrade their Axies because everyone is waiting for a pump to sell their SLP.

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