Will Safemoon print more millionaires? w/ bran shingleton in 2022

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  1. Blockchain and exchange is what I’m waiting for bro ..the hating and negativity will decrease once those products are released..and the chase 🏃‍♂️ will start to happen. That good ol FOMO..Let’s get this bag fam 😎

  2. Institution investors won't put money into something with safemoons past. It also won't attract investors with big cash. Anyone who want to put a million in it will instantly be down 100k.

  3. Something you said caught my ear, which is Safemoon has become an emotional investment for you. If that is true then your investing chops are getting strong because those who have been the most emotional have sold out of anger/disappointment when then should really just be patient and cold to what is happening. Safemoon will have its time and when you are cutting edge it’s gonna take a while to deliver properly.

  4. Safemoon isn't going anywhere, one of my favorite phrases is, "a bomber only catches flak when it's over its target." Meaning that with so much attention on safemoon it means it must be doing something right. People don't invest energy into something if they don't care about it on some level. Even negative attention is still showing love for safemoon. Why would you invest time into something if you don't love doing it? Haters love hating safemoon, yet it's still love. Always love. Safemoon will pop tf off and all those shitting on it will most likely buy back in once more projects are released. I mean look at some of their new hires too, big competent names to report. I don't think people know what's coming truly.

  5. We are down 90% . For me? I don't care i'm loading more.
    I was down on shiba too. No ama's, no roadmaps, no utilities.. Damn, but holding make me a lot of money just for a small bag..

  6. I have been in Babydoge coin for 4 months, bought at ath and are down now, but I like the token, they had over 100mill in volum for many days. They will be listed in tier 1 exchanges very soon. You should research it!

  7. Adding to what you said, I don't think that SFM will moon when the exchange and/or blockchain come out. It will rise eventually, but the people who thought they were going to buy a lambo the day after will cry and sell. In the end, SFM still needs adoption. Listings, blockchains, exchanges, etc don't mean shit if people don't buy

  8. John seems to not say anything, theres class action lawsuits, crypto and nfts are on their way down etc. Safemoon like others are a high risk. Unfortunately as much as you like to keep positive wishing. The facts are that there are more things that are negative. John doesnt say anything, these so called projects yet to come havent happened like I said lawsuits still pending. Why would anyone think that safemoon is a good bet at this point. Other than that a couple of spikes, Safemoon has been tanking since it started. We are now almost back to where it opened at. This has nothing to do with the coffeezilla video either. I have some safemoon but I dont have a ton of it. I diversified with stocks that have an actual product. If your ok with going to zero or think this will go to the moon then you have a huge wait. Btw I am not a financial advisor. Just giving my opinion as everyone says.

  9. Listing just helps when the coin gets hype like any stock or coin ! its Easeyer to buy and accesss and attracts more buyers that would otherwise be a market thats un- accessible becuase the ease of buying – and brings up the percentages,- in sense makes Safemoon a Bigger player on the board !

  10. I hope y'all remember listening with tokenomics helps a ton especially long term With the burn and reflection and LP

  11. Safemoon just need binance for more credibility. It's like everyone is always piling on with digs and kicks. Needs big bro standing behind

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