Will SafeMoon BlockChain Launch THIS Year??

Discussing the possibilities of whether or not the SafeMoon blockchain will launch by the end of the 2022 year.

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30 gedachten over “Will SafeMoon BlockChain Launch THIS Year??”

  1. Do you think the SafeMoon blockchain will release by the end of 2022?

  2. The Safemoon security may drop any moment now. Testing has been going on. It will drop when people least expect it. Remember, this security is also a product for Safemoon and one of the biggest utility that will come from Safemoon. It will bring many people and other cryptos into the Safemoon ecosystem. As soon as the security is out, many other products will start coming out. You guys should be patient, security any moment now.

  3. i cant believe you people still have any faith in safemoon 😆 they keep you on the constant hook with a product then all you get is an excuse…then they take your money and buy moondog nfts and houses lolol

  4. I think we know how safemoon operates by now. No, it’s not pushed to 2023…until it is.

  5. Atlas you are so predictable… every time there is a big dip you get a little fuddish around the edges. It’s a down market why would anyone be in a rush to release product? Relax get a hobby

  6. Hello hello ☝️Is the man who helped me recover my crypto wallet account..

  7. This would be really nice if SM makes some big moves like this.

  8. Yeah i've about finished on this Safemoon journey. Looking more and more like a scam every single day.

  9. There are lots of crappy blockchains out there, so to day it will never be released is just sour grapes.

  10. This project is frustrating me.. A month for a name reveal. That’s completely and utterly useless. Probably the worst project I have ever invested my money into.. and I invested a lot into it. Can’t explain how let down I feel by this “technology company” with no technology.

  11. bockchain, maybe this year it wont suprise me if it gets pushed off untill next year.
    CEX Exchange? again wont be suprised if its pushed off untill 2023.
    Wind Turbines and project pheonix? I think that whole Gambia ship sunk, I remember about J.K's brother-in-law said a few things on twitter that hinted to the fact that SFM is NOT part of that anymore. I hope im wrong. but I think sfm got kicked out of that project.
    SFM Card? ya I think we will see that maybe by the end of the year.
    I just hope and prey that SFM finaly gets off the ground and does somthing good.

  12. Last year this time they said for the exchange release same this time blockchain. Nothing will happened.

  13. I love how SM hype another nonsense "product" release and in 1 whole month give us a name of some irrelevant security update. I also love how they say that it is now "to be beta tested in due course"…. LMAO. The clown show continues…. a security feature for a wallet that will now be implemented maybe in 6 months. Said security will be applied to the card so good luck if you will ever see the card…. 3 months delay already…. LMAO… SM are a joke and those who continue to pump and hype and enable this mediocrity from them are equally as pathetic.

  14. Question should be 'will Safemoon launch anything meaningful this year?'. 😒

  15. From January 2022…. LMAO…. and it's not pushed to 2023… LMAO…. it will NEVER come out.

  16. Hahahahaha so many safemoon products but non of them ever launch.it’s all the same with those hype coins.yeah whe have a team of 50 people working on it.in real life max 2 people

  17. They better release it well before 2023. Diamond handed holders like me will start to sell. No more excuses

  18. To be honest if the blockchain is released etc…the Safemoon army is gone😃

  19. no its not pushed to 2023 … butttttttt there might be a little DELAY to like 2030 on Feb 32 or March . 32 . 2030 lol

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