WiFi 6 Explained

What is WiFi 6 (802.11ax) and WiFi 6E? This is an animated video explaining the features in WiFi 6. WiFi 6 is faster than WiFi 5…but speed wasn’t necessarily its main goal. The main goal of WiFi 6 is to make a WiFi network perform better when a lot of devices are connected to it.
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  1. The ASUS RT-AX86U is the superior router for the same money as your recommended.

  2. Thanq so much for making a video on networking plz keep on making video like this i like it so much

  3. Hello bro I just brought new wifi router Ax50 ax3000 this many people recommended coz this have intel wifi home chipset buildin

  4. Thank you for making this. The explanation and animations are crisp and clear!

  5. @PowerCert Animated Videos
    What happened to dual 5 GHz from Tri-Band?

  6. I've watched many many tech YT vids and yours are up there as clear, concise and accurate; where you assume the viewer has an attention span greater than a goldfish's. It may help to have dedicated a short section to the client devices and the compatibility needs for them to be also WiFi6 to get the most out of the new Standard. Keep up the great work!

  7. Now I don't have to give people that eye when my data becomes slow while theirs working just fine

  8. Great explanation , i have used this to expakinb to my clients how the wifi works

  9. Thank you for your video.
    I bought On line a new router Xiaomi AX5400 with Wifi 6 thru Aliexpress for 85 USD and I am waitingfor the item. My idea is increase coverage at home and test a system to broadcast in the network videos and music, like in a Disco party, with sound in stereo to cellular phones conected to router network ould be possible conect up to 256 Cellular phones???.
    I will try SoundSeeder, Zoom, etc.

  10. This video is very good. Does the speed of my internet need to match the Gbps? I have internet speed of 1 Gbps, but want to get a WiFi6 4.2 Gbps router and worried I won't get the benefit.

  11. what happend if I have a Router Wife 6, but all of my devices are Wife 5 or lower?
    Will I have better performance?

  12. WPA3 while nice to have, wont be supported by ALL devices, so thats something to consider if you enable it and your device wont connect to WIFI.

  13. Good in theory and animated, but in reality (practicaly) it's not that good, on Private Home Network, the only thing we need is 5Ghz Band (Dual Band with 2.4Ghz), even if it just using old 802.11n protocol (Yes WiFi N are Dual Band), but on 5Ghz Band Wireless Router.

    One of my old phone have Dual Band WiFi without AC or AX Protocol support, only N and A for 5Ghz, but N are Dual Band, work with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, it work great with WiFi N 5Ghz, connected to WiFi AX Wireless Router that also support WiFi N on 5Ghz Band.

    In my opinion, WiFi 5 and 6 is only best for Public WiFi Hotspot Area or Office with crowded people connected together with one same Wireless Access Point.

    In home, the only thing we need for more speed is 5Ghz Band, even if it just use older WiFi N protocol.

    IoT Devices ?, WiFi N 2.4Ghz are just fine.

  14. This video is a fantastic resource! Thank you so much for creating this! This is very good information, was easy to understand, and I was pleased to learn the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E.

  15. I just recently got a WiFi 6E network adapter for my PC and we upgraded our modem/router with Xfinity. ( We plan to buy our own very soon ). Before we changed to WiFi 6 I had experienced lag and not so great download speeds. After we got everything updated My PC our speeds improved by a lot and also I have not experienced lag at all. it is the main benefit I am excited about.

    Playing Call of Duty this is what I experienced:
    Wifi 5
    Latency 150+ms and would even jump often to 400ms up to 999ms for a few seconds
    Wifi 6
    Latency 35ms most of the time. sometimes jumps to 45ms and very rare will go to 50ms.
    I do not feel any lag. if there is it is barely even noticeable.

    This is worth every penny.

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