11 gedachten over “WHY YOU NEED FETCH.AI!!”

  1. < ^ >Hello, l'm new to the crypto markets ,how can I make more profitable investments in the financial markets right now? ❤

  2. I hold 15k FET. Been holding it for many years. Exiciting times

  3. $10 usd minimum in the bull run. If the DeltaV application takes off, the sky will be the limit on the price of the FET token.

  4. Why isn’t there a video other than fetch ai itself using their agents?

  5. I've got 10k Fet. IF there is a decent pull back then i will grab more

  6. as you said not to keep crypto on an exchange. where else should i save them.(I am new in crypto)

  7. Early? This project is 5 years old and the team spun off to start another project

  8. you already studied the project of Oraichain? I think it's very promising

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