Why Verstappen is SO MUCH FASTER than Perez

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Max Verstappen is ABSOLUTELY RAPID. Why? Well, he has the best car.

But, so does Perez. And where Max started 14th at Spa, Perez started second, And Max STILL won by just under 20 seconds.

So what makes him so outrageously fast? And are those two Red Bulls definitely the same? Because Max’s car looks like an absolute rocketship.

So I’m going to use my years of Racing Experience and driver coaching to show you HOW Max is finding so much time.

Let’s get into it.

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30 gedachten over “Why Verstappen is SO MUCH FASTER than Perez”

  1. Now with budget caps it makes sense to send the money to one side of the garage more than the other to maximise resources

  2. Max have very similar driving style to Dani Ric thats why they both were very close from2016-2018 , now they have Dani Ric as reserve driver they will consider him replacing checo, if Ric perform better than checo in simulation and while testing old car…. i hope Checo improves himself in 2023 other wise we all know contracts are ment to be broken….

  3. I hope you can taste what you talking . Because from my racing experience you talking very one sided and not bringing into consideration engine mapping

  4. Dude I like your video but the bs on this one is crazy the reason why Perez is slower than max is because of the experimental floor on Perez car

  5. Checo had the same car at the start of the season. Once he took 1st in the champioship, became a threat and his pace disappeared. There is no mystery here, just politics. It would have been a hell of a war if they were both even with Checo on top.

  6. Actually because the car was developed over the season towards Max’s driving style and preferences.

  7. The answer is simple: because Max is better than Checo 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Max is not the best driver, rather RB is tailor made for him, change it to suit Perez style and Mad Max will look a patzer

  9. Pérez and Verstappen's cars aré not equally built, MV gets the better car always

  10. Soon on this channel: " why Verstappen is so much selfish than Perez".

  11. Perez got spanked as expected. They start out as the same car in the beginning of the year and then tweak it according to the drivers inputs/style. I remember Perez trying exactly Max's setup and saying "Its not for me".

    So once again for all of you conspiracy theorists, they build 2 identical cars for a new season. And then many small tweaks during the season and the cars go off in slightlly different configurations.

    They cant build 2 seperate cars and hope "one works". That makes no sense.

  12. there is no doubt max had been the best driver on track all season however you cant deny that the rb18 is built completely in max's personal spec. checo does not like the cars oversteer where as max prefers more oversteer rather than better balance to suit his style best. checo just gets screwed and must put up with the way the car is built.

  13. People saying Perez hasn't got the same car are just in denial. Fanboys of other drivers not coping with the fact Max is the best driver on the grid right now and likely will be for the foreseeable future.

  14. Truth is perez never have the full best set-up red bull add or removes points to always benefit Max the most with the set-up. Specifically with Tyre pressure that's why perez destroys his tires so quick.

  15. Here we go max has a better car #1 driver for RB and sabotage Perez… There you go

  16. I heard this guy still holds a record the folks over at porsche want very badly.

  17. This guy makes me think of Craig Ferguson's bit on UK news readers to the point that I can't not hear it anymore. Every damn sentence!

  18. But how can you drive faster and have less tire degradation? That doesn't make any sense… And why wouldn't Perez adjust how he is driving when he analyzes what faster driver is doing?

  19. Interesting analysis, but I have to admit there is some contradiction. You mentioned Max was earlier on the brakes and better at exit, however the telemetry chart at 5:53 shows Max as having a huge gap at the breaking zone at quadrants 4/5 and 7,8,9. He carries more speed for longer, then is hard on the binders, with similar exits. What is it I am missing in the analysis? Old school racer once told me anyone can step on the gas, it's a matter of who can step on the brakes later…;)-

  20. Being to do nothing but drive 24/7 since toddlerhood will do that to a man.

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