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In an attempt to revolutionize the advertising and esports industries, Verasity is working on creating a blockchain ecosystem.
Over 30 billions of dollars are spent every year on digital advertisements worldwide, of which only a small percentage is seen by attentive viewers. Taking advantage of a proprietary algorithm, Veracity tries to solve this problem by rewarding viewers for watching advertisements.

Suppose that you are playing a game on your phone, and you watch an advertisement for more lives or another item in the game. In other words, when you watch the commercial, the creators make money and the advertising agency makes money too.

But what about you? Veraviews’ verification of views system works to ensure no advertising money is wasted. This is done by ensuring no advertising money is wasted and ensuring viewers are rewarded for watching and playing the video. The reward layer of Verasity currently integrates with major industry giants like YouTube, TWITCH, VIMEO, brightcove, flowplayer and many more.

A feature of Verasity’s platform is that it can detect fraud in real-time using 200 touch points and artificial intelligence (AI) and based on a bot’s behavior determine whether it is viewing content or an advertisement, which is not a small accomplishment.

Furthermore, managers of advertising campaigns do not need to wait for post-delivery fraud analysis or to request refunds from publishers due to the fact that fraud is detected and eliminated immediately after the delivery occurs.

Furthermore, VeraEsports rewards its subscribers based on the number of hours they spend playing or watching their favorite games. Among the titles that they have recently partnered with are progressive games like Valorant, Pubg mobile, and CSGO, even having the esports publisher and developer Riot Games as one of their partners. As a result, now gamers around the world can now participate in tournaments or watch streams of their favorite games to earn rewards.

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