Why NFTs are pretty dumb. in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

Everything you need to know about NFTs – What is an NFT? Why are NFTs so expensive? The Problem with NFTs? Check out Karma here:
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29 gedachten over “Why NFTs are pretty dumb. in 2022”

  1. 2:49 this is actually the problem with NFTs. There’s actually no way to enforce a smart contract. Contracts only bind the parties. Third parties cannot rely on or enforce a contract. This is called probity of contract. NFTs need to be hosted because there’s no universal NFT marketplace or viewer. If someone sells their NFT, the host is no longer bound by the new contract.

  2. The idea is not dumb, it's basically a certificate of ownership of things like a car, phone, a digital license and etc…
    The execution – Yes. It's incredibly stupid and what could have been an amazing way of moving the process of "proofing" ownership from singular entities to a harder to control medium is now just a pathetic meme. It's honestly sad to see with what ease people can turn genius inventions into garbage.

  3. Ngl Im not gonna buy a NFT Also isnt karma a bit like honey? or is that me

  4. well, meeting milo is different than meeting other celebrates i'd gladly pay 100,000 dollars to meet milo

  5. The fun part is that u can buy a real Ross painting for about 2k.

  6. People be saying that the title is a strong opinion when it's littlery true🤔🤭

  7. the marvel nfts are actually copied from character sprites from a dbz game on the gameboy lol

  8. well you did make an NFT already of Milo lots of people would buy that since he's a cute kitty, you would be a millionaire easy, like you said bored app and the lions are just ugly

  9. You should really stay away from trying to explain crypto. I don't like NFT's, I think they are dumb. However, the technology behind them is amazing. You've done an absolutely poor job of explaining the contract aspect behind an NFT.

  10. A sub to the channel would be nifty

  11. I know it’s super late, but, That hoodie, where can I get one?!?! Lol

  12. Enjoying now since I met this link Maskoffweb am making bitcoin everyday on this platform

  13. Let people do with their money as they wish. Who cares what people spend their money on, it is no ones business

  14. At 6:27, the TV's in the background with their eyes feel like they are staring into my soul as they are moving and widening too

  15. fact: most people who don't like NFT, don't own an NFT. coincidence?

  16. One of the best videos about NFTs.
    My advice is also stay away from them, if you want to invest your money there’re better ways of doing that.

  17. you are right on this in some ways but your also long from .. but its kinda clear you have not been in crypto for long

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