Why Is The CRYPTO Market Crashing???

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30 gedachten over “Why Is The CRYPTO Market Crashing???”

  1. Lose the beard honestly. You have a resemblance to the Poxar Tom Hanks character. Still handsome tho. Credibility affected Pixar optic tho. Blessings

  2. Why are you misleading in your comments!!! You news article and comments around Jane and Jump are from months ago!!!

  3. Bitcoin will crash down below 37k retest the last support before it goes up above 48k level… So don't worry guys, until end of February you still have time to buy in the deep. 😊

  4. Leave it to the crooks in Gov. To manipulate the market for their banker buddies. Criminals!

  5. People with margins, weak hands, and short term investors always make any investment class more volatile.

  6. I hope they crash the price time to load up on btc
    Long term thinking

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  8. WEFπŸ‘ΊBlackRock's Bitcoin ETF is fiat.
    Supporting EFT is supporting BlackRock's takeover of Bitcoin.

  9. The us govt is awesome at screwing people over. Been doing it for decades


  11. Impressed by Xeventy's commitment to user control and privacy! The decentralized KYC and personal data vault set a new standard for security.

  12. Impressed by Xeventy's commitment to user control and privacy! The decentralized KYC and personal data vault set a new standard for security.

  13. Every 786 days is an algorithm for crashing price correction… dips are also excellent trades… best ever adcice trends are always temporary

  14. This is exactly by the playbook… Wall street will accumulate more Bitcoin at bottom prices and will become the the biggest manipulator in the future of the crypto ecosystem. We let the foxes in and a lot of investors are still clueless…

  15. Well there's a value for lesson to be learned now isn't there

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