Why Is SafeMoon Quiet Right Now?

SafeMoon is being very quiet lately. Why? Here’s some thoughts.

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30 gedachten over “Why Is SafeMoon Quiet Right Now?”

  1. Do you think we will get the card release before the end of the month?

  2. They are being quiet because they are smart. The market is super down right now so no matter what news safemoon has it will be taken negatively. They are working and when the time is right we will hear great news. John even said he does not care about price. His focus is not to appease to moon boys. He is trying to come out with a well thought out product.

  3. I can pretty much guarantee the card will be delayed. They will wait until the deadline and then give a statement saying how it is not the right time to release it due to market sentiment yada yada yada. But it is probably the right decision.

  4. Why is the safe moon army so quiet right now? Well I'm really unhappy with what my portfolio looks like now, and I am holding only safe moon with the exception of like $20 of 3 other coins, But clearly this is not the fault of the dev team so there's no reason for me to bitch about something that they have done. With the exception of the delays that we have been familiar with since last year, block chain end and exchange, swap and evolve is pretty rockin… My white bit account got blocked blocked so I currently don't have any way to extract my money out of safe moon if I did want to sell. Honestly I feel like I should have spent all this safe moon money on survival food at this point

  5. <I'm new to trading. How can I make more profitable investment in crypto without incurring much losses?>

  6. My life has totally changed since I started an investment of $ 7,000 and now earning over $ 57,000

  7. It most likely won’t get released but get an update on progress 👀

  8. We are not near the bottom, not even close. The recession has barely started, 10% inflation on the horizon.

  9. I do not care if we get a card or anything else the market is bleeding you really think if we drop any product it's going to help it is not good business to drop any product at this time of course that's my opinion

  10. I believe it will be delivered but if it doesn’t then this will also affect the safemoon exchange where as people are thinning if they couldn’t deliver the card on time like they said then for sure the exchange won’t come out timely either but I do believe it will be released I do believe the card is going to release soon

  11. My question is what to do with card when i am 95% profilio down? I buy 5 times dip or "dip" and a am not sarcastic just what ask what to do, i must be crazy spend sfm on 95%loss

  12. I would be happy if we saw a testing group initially. I work with compliance on a daily basis and KYC is a pain. Necessary but still a pain.

  13. They should of been quiet months ago. Would of saved tons of drama and bs.

  14. 👆👆👆Thanks to him for getting back my lost crypto's, I can't Thank to you enough for what you did to me and my entire family

  15. 👆👆👆Thanks to him for getting back my lost crypto's, I can't Thank to you enough for what you did to me and my entire family

  16. Imagine they are ready to dropped the exchange but the bearish market conditions are holding the devs back.

  17. Could the situation in the world affect the availability of Cards if they have a chip, I understand chip production is in trouble in all countries.

  18. Hey that’s my Reddit post lol! People are so rude on Reddit, whether they are trolling or they are easily offended by an investor asking questions.. 🤷‍♂️


  20. Another view is that they have yanked enough out of the crypto to capitalise their tech company and now no longer care where the token goes

  21. The thumbnail for this video makes John look like a perverted creeper. Shhhh It's our little secret. 🤣

  22. I’d rather the card come out when volume is up and prices rise for SFM

  23. safemoon is over.please a card with water drops on hahahahaha

  24. John Karony already made it and everyone left. he will be leaving soon hence the lack of info. It’s over

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