Why is EVERYONE Buying this TV?? – TCL 55S405

laatste update: 08-2022

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What’s the best 4K TV for the money? 2,500 Amazon reviews can’t be wrong: this 55” flat screen TV from TCL is only $400 and comes with Roku built in!

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30 gedachten over “Why is EVERYONE Buying this TV?? – TCL 55S405”

  1. I bought this for $350 in 2017 and still have it, HDR mode is garbage but opened my eyes to the world in 4k🙏

  2. I bought a 55" TCL smart TV and it looks sharp and very clear with very nice sound, i can't complaint i have had it for a few years now and never have given me any problems, just what people need. Good price, nice view, good sound and last long what better than that!

  3. i bought a TCL 19" led 1080i. and the tv is still working perfectly after 9 years. now im for a 4k roku. that i already ordered

  4. Linus you've Got to review the 5 series TCL TVI own one And it checks every one of my boxes for what I need is what I need the HDR is great it's are as great Dolby vision and even has a Dolby atmos pass through combatability And the quantum. picture it is unbelievable I can even watch movies in a brightly lit room and not get one bit of detail lag But the Built-in sound system is lagging But I went out just a couple days ago actually this past Thursday and bought A TCL alto with Dolby atmos and the setup was seamless

  5. Fun fact: TCL is a chinese company that hacks and sees what your doing when your watching on their tv.

  6. My wifi 5G is faster than the ethernet port on my 55s405 (I think they are all capped at 100 mbps while wifi can go over 150 mbps or more)

  7. Last year me and my dad we're looking for a new tv in mall but the salesman recommend sharp android tv 4k 50 inch dolby atmos cost around 583$ but I've seen the tcl it has the same feature with dolby atmos too but it only cost for 505$ I was like hey dad look at this tcl it's less cheaper than sharp, what do you think about this one dad??
    he answered my son tcl again?? cuz he last time we bought the tcl 32inch HD+ the motherboard of that tv exploded and good thing that it can be fix. * I answered to him *dad that's a different story because it's our fault why the motherboard exploded was because everytime we're finish watching we don't unplug the tv. That's the reason, okay? but this time were going to take care our tv and unplug everytime we're finish watching movies so I convinced him but the salesman said that the color of the screen of sharp is more vibrant and detailed than the tcl. Well because that guy insert a usb with movies on it 4k resolution and me and my dad compared it I was like wait you're right tho so in the end we bought the sharp but my question is HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??

  8. TCL is a pretty popular brand in the USA. I have this tv and its fine if you dont use hdr. This tv isn't bright enough to do real hdr, its horrible. Tcl also USED to use samsung parts for their tvs.

  9. Do you happen to know how can I disable this annoying, loud, and absurd music that goes off whenever I turn on my TCL TV?

  10. Had a Samsung 65 tinzen broke down in less than 2 years. Loving my tcl replacement

  11. I wouldn't buy another one if my life demanded on it I bought a brand new TCL and it only played 10 miniutes and wouldn't turn on after that it really does suck

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