Why Dash coin is the next Bitcoin ? complete explanation in Hindi/Urdu 📊

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Dash coin is the next Bitcoin why? Complete explanation with my best knowledge.
How the Dash Evolution is happening and What is the technology which is making this Dash coin a Next Bitcoin.
Right now the Price is $40 almost and touched all time High.

This coin has got the potential to reach Almost $100 by this Year end. (Please do your own research before investing)

I am sharing what ever Best I got to know.
this is cryptocurrency world and it is in development phase and it has to be always in development mode, Why because human nature never changes they always need more and advance and never satisfied.
Dash Evolution started and it will be the most useful coin in near future.
Dash is doing what Bitcoin has not Done, they are working on solution and user friendly digital cash.
have got so many things which can be talked like,
Instant transfer, Privacy, masternode, governance, and there are so many things which makes the Dash the Next Bitcoin and it is making the Satoshi’s Dream come true .

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Anjum Patel

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  1. Nice Video Anjumbhai.. As always you are always so helpful…

  2. Good Info, Sir, iska koi offline wallet available hai jesa BITCOIN ka hai. like Trezor, Privet key, ?

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