Why BCH (Bitcoin Cash) Keeps Losing

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In this video, I discuss why BCH (Bitcoin Cash) continues to lose market cap and market share when compared to the real Bitcoin (BTC).

In spite of having bigger blocks, there is very little demand for BCH’s block space, which is also why fees are so low.

BCH’s hash rate has been stagnant for the past 3 years, while BTC’s hash rate has grown rapidly.

Why would anyone choose BCH over BTC if they were interested in strong settlement finality? When it comes to settlement times, BCH is approximately 120x slower than BTC.

There is a great self-sorting going on now. Many people will go down the drain with BCH, ETH, SOL, HEX, ADA and other garbage.

The choices that you make today for your portfolio will have profound implications for your financial well-being (as well as access to basic goods and services that may be banned by governments) over the next decade.

Many will ride their shipcoins down to zero and then get trapped in a fiat CBDC. Buying BTC today gives you a seat at the table in the new financial order that is coming.

Make sure that you choose wisely. . .

Not investment advice! Consult a financial advisor.

My exchange with a B-Casher:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Is Trash:

Roger Ver:


There’s almost zero demand for BCH block space:

Lots of demand for BTC block space:

Settlement finality across different proof of work cryptocurrencies:

BCH hash rate is dead in the water:

BTC hash rate continues to increase, even during a harsh bear market:

2017 Coin Market Cap snapshot:

HEX keeps losing too:

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  1. WARNING: There are a number of scammers who are using my image and
    channel name to try to connect with my viewers on WhatsApp and other
    platforms to scam them. Just so you know, I will never refer you to
    "my personal trader" or try to connect with you personally to sell you
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    always recognize a scammer by clicking on the image and seeing how
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  2. Hey Matthew,

    one question: Can a person move the funds in those blockchains (btc, btch, ltc) before the final settlement?
    Or this is just a additional security step?

  3. People FUDing and sneering at bitcoin and bitcoin maxis regularly watch the value of their sh**coins plummet vs bitcoin, and just as regularly don't seem to learn anything from it.

  4. The block size wars of 2017 was a big threat to bitcoin thank god the right side won

  5. Mathew, your videos are the best. Thanks. LTC though… hashrate at all time high, not competing with BTC hash + no pre-mine. No use for this crypto in the future?

  6. Your monotone delivery suits my morning viewing perfectly. Really enjoy your content when sipping my early morning coffee and eating my scrambled eggs.

  7. 2.5 BCH , only 21 milllion. One weeks wage. Safer than fast food

  8. I was stupid for buying gold, silver, land in AZ, ETH AND BTC. My friends have only spent their checks on rent, cell phones and casinos. They are so much smarter. I have wasted my life😢

  9. Huh? BCH is YTD outperforming every single top 50 Coin by market cap… and with recent EDX backing … risk vs reward is obvious

  10. SEC Retreats From High-Stakes Lawsuit Over XRP Cryptocurrency

  11. If BCH keeps loosing, how come it's gone from #30 to #15 in market cap this year?

  12. Eth, Ada, Sol Garbage! Sol up 33% in 7 days compared to your 11% btc

  13. Thank you stupid F* Scammers! The only coin that works the bedt is BCH BITCOIN CASH.

  14. It's not stubbornness. I suspect they know they have to exit, and need BCH to do one last hurrah. So they need to keep pumping out good news to draw in others to dump out on.

  15. just selling my bch for bitcoin and solana…dont see any future in it anymore , thanks for the video!

  16. What do you think of the Lightning Network collapsing this week? Complete failure.

  17. Are you trolling? You pulled up a hashrate chart which very obviously is going up and said its going sideways?

  18. Can you elaborate on the settlement finality thing? I tried to google it but nothing came up aside from your video. Im confused because BCH has a much higher hashrate than Litecoin

  19. It seems to me that it's not the first time you've made a video on Bitcoin cash. We wonder why? 😅

  20. To be quite honest all of you are hypocrites and religious minded when it comes to this because if it was all about the technology then Bitcoin cash hands down pound-for-pound would win because it's cheaper, scarce and faster in which all people in this space claim they love about Bitcoin but yet bch has every box you can think of checked except the higher return on investment, if that be the case then just admit it's all about what makes the most money not who has the best technology.

  21. You used to think poorly of BTC until five years ago. What prompted you to change your mind? Because up until that point, BTC was essentially what BCH is today… A P2P way of transacting something of value, (nearly) free for the world to use. So BTC began thanks to nerds who TRULY understood the tech and its place in this world. As you mentioned, CBDCs will increase the need for such tools. To be honest, I don't really care if this tool is BTC or BCH. But I fail to understand why BTC lovers think that BTC could help us in a scenario like CBDCs limiting our freedom to transact.

    As you mentioned, BCH has big blocks, but this has no utility if they are not used. While this is true, you could also look at it in a different way.

    The big blocks are the needed infrastructure for BCH to be able to become that tool that might give us some freedom in a world of CBDCs. It's like saying that a big bunker that can house 50,000 people has no use because today it only houses 3 paranoid people. While the gold BTC bunker is more useful because 10 rich people can afford to pay for the premium spot inside that bunker. And you try to defend this golden bunker by saying, "Look, this bunker is better for society because it is full." Like, yeah, it is full of the people who will least need the bunker and who have the means to pay for its decadent maintenance fees.

    I mean, just look at things like Dogecoin… The price of a coin has NOTHING to do with its utility… The current use of it also doesn't have that much to do with its utility. BTC used to be useful and a safe space, but it needed expansion. BTC has taken the route of staying in their premium bunker and has put its trust in their government to solve the concept of war. BCH, that less sexy bunker will be there, ready to save more lives on the day that you realize that governments lied to you about wanting to solve wars.

    I mean, if Lightning would work, well then in my opinion, BTC could be a winner. There are, in my opinion, just three major issues.

    1) Lightning Labs is funded by the sector that BTC attacked way before you joined the space.
    2) It's already hard enough to make people use on-chain P2P transactions; adding complexity won't help.
    3) How is Lightning planning to pay miners after the last block reward?

    Same points for BCH:

    1) BCH does not put all its hope in the development of an external tool (Funded by banks). It just continues on the ideas of Satoshi.
    2) You will always have fewer steps to make a P2P BCH transaction compared to wanting to use BTC lighting. Unless you are willing to pay a BTC transaction fee for a on-chain transaction.
    3) In that far-away future, big blocks could facilitate millions of microtransactions and take a small fee on each of them, thus providing a decentralized way of paying the miners.

  22. so you think SOL and ETH are shit coins? Did I get that right at the end of the talk

  23. Comparing the coins by hashpower is odd, as if BCH gets the hashpower in the future, then that is the better coin, or not? (hash power it not the technology – but a variable)
    MC is not impotent, as with lower MC you will own a bigger % og the network, that cannot change.

    It's a big turnoff that you cannot use BTC directly, only with lighting that you have to topup all the time, on cracy fees and long process times! (I guess this doesn't matter if you have HP and MC)

    BCH now has smartcontracts (cashtoken) with the lowest gasfees ever, which is not mentioned at all in this video. 😀 – Powerfull, check it out if you like.

  24. this is dumb, altcoins are better when they outperform bitcoin in phases where bitcoin is stuck in consolidation. other times they don't. no sense in been flat headed and stubborn over btc only. and BTC is just as suseptible to pump and dump as traditional markets based on whale accumulation being at an all time high.

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