Why Alex Becker Says VRA VERASITY Crypto Token’s Market Cap Could be Multi-Billions Price Prediction

Alex Becker said that VRA Verasity’s market cap could pump up in the next bull run, “to a multi-billion dollar marketcap”, and that “there is never not a reason to invest in VRA when the market is down”, Alex Becker says, and repeats that this is his opinion. None of this is financial advise, in this video we will go over Verasity’s tokenomics and technicals, and find out the next level of support just in case VRA’s price drops even lower.

Watch where Alex Becker talks about Verasity at about 33 minutes into his video “5 Crypto Coins That Will 15x In May (Last Chance)”:

Also in the same video, Alex Becker talks about UFO Gaming, in which I discuss this in this video:

WATCH: Verasity VRA crypto token is on FIRE!

WATCH ALEX BECKER 7 cryptos will 50x, he is investing millions URGENT

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(Video is not financial advice, it is for entertainment only, these are my personal opinions about Verasity token and cryptocurrency, seek professional advise is you wish to trade any token. I am not a financial advisor by any stretch of the imagination.)

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17 gedachten over “Why Alex Becker Says VRA VERASITY Crypto Token’s Market Cap Could be Multi-Billions Price Prediction”

  1. Has good apy, need to get more info on the burn mechanism. Strong believer in this project

  2. VRA, is currently just following Bitcoin , no more, no less
    Not rocket science at the moment, it will eventually make its own move when we least expect it 🤛😎🤪

  3. Well considering it pump's everytime btc does, plus the metrics and use case gives me confidence.

  4. Verasity is in danger of getting wiped out and becoming irrelevant.

  5. Have you been on the platform??? If course it’s here to stay….

  6. Not having easy access is probably one of the main reasons the price is so low as of now. If it ever lands on coin base it should take off

  7. I need VRA verasity crypto currency to get more popular!

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