Who Predicted Bitcoin? – Robert Kiyosaki and Max Keiser @ORANGE PILL: A BITCOIN PODCAST

R. Buckminster Fuller was a mentor to Robert Kiyosaki and in many ways is credited for inspiring the creation of The Rich Dad Company. Fuller was a was an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor, and futurist.

Today’s guest, said “Fuller is one of the finest minds in the last 100 years. He thought in global terms, and that’s what Bitcoin is all about. Fuller anticipated the mindset of Bitcoin, if not the technology.”

Fuller speculated about a money made of energy by energy, which some people believe is what we know today as Bitcoin.

Max Keiser, the host of “Keiser Report” and the Orange Pill Podcast, is one of the most influential people in the crypto space. He says, “It wasn’t until Bitcoin came around that we had a new chapter in this idea of individual empowerment. Where people have the freedom to delve into their own spiritual journeys because they have unconfiscatable money.”’ Ultimately achieving individual sovereignty.

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Max Keiser discuss how R. Buckminster Fuller predicted Bitcoin and new wealth.

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  1. Please I want to be educated on crypto but couldn't we get hacked more easily with a digital currency? Also is this big energy plan the government talks about have any correlation to bitcoin ?

  2. We have revelations from Gods Holy Spirit
    Bitcoin will crash..
    Watch out……
    I. Hope you know who Gods Holy Spirit is

  3. what an incredible talk!!! 37:52 so true. Argentina is an example of what you get with communism

  4. The ability to access this information is transformative, I have tried to pass on this fact to others who are not interested

  5. Max could never be Satoshi…Max created his own Alt-Coin Back in 2016 or 2015..it went to 0. And he became a btc maxie.

  6. Hahaha. "Everybody can find a partner" – Boy oh boy. Most can even do that. Only find the wrong onces.

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  8. What you resist persists. This is why Bitcoin thrives while being attacked.

  9. Hey just found your channel and learned about Richard fuller today. First found Max in 2013 on YouTube ranting about Bitcoin and it’s been uphill ever since. Looking forward to future shows here I just subscribed

  10. Just to think about ironic 1981 is one heck of a year its the year of a different path. Rob in Kim started a different path and it was the year I were born 12-21-1981

  11. Fortunately the USA has stacked the mist Satoshi’s by a slim margin. Keep it up American’s

  12. Max k. deserves a lot of respect for his work and consistent erhical stand.

  13. Max – Bitcoin is anti fragile (Nassim Taleb). The more it is attacked and stressed the stronger it becomes and the weaker its attackers become. A politician attacking Bitcoin exposes reveals themselves to be the defender of a system of designed inequality.

  14. Max was telling everyone to buy Bitcoin way way back on RT.
    This guy knows his stuff! He is a genius… wish I listened to him a lot more I would be a rich person today but nope

  15. This guy said that btc was a fraud now max Kaiser is his long time friend .

  16. Richard Heart going to debate Peter Schiff? Thats like Mike Tyson and Justin Bieber

  17. Mrs Clarissa is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  18. Bitcon and 18,000+ crypto “coins” are certainly PONZI SCHEMES; where there’s NO asset, NO product, NO service/business, unregulated. 
The sole objective is to entice evermore new “investors”, (buyers) to keep driving the price higher, enabling earlier punters to exit with huge profits. I stand by the claim: Bitcon / 18,000+ cryptos are PONZI scams, & UNREGULATED makes these cyber-crypto digital “coins” HIGH RISK.

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