Which Crypto Exchange Is Safe to Use? (2023 Ratings)

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After FTX collapsed, the biggest question on our minds is: WHICH CRYPTO EXCHANGES ARE SAFE TO USE? Well in this video I share the Pros and Cons of the Top 14 crypto exchanges so that you can know the potential risks and red flags of each one. Not saying you shouldn’t continue using them, but just be mindful so you don’t get sideswiped like we did with FTX…

0:00 Intro
0:24 Coinbase
1:14 Binance
3:04 Kucoin
3:56 Kraken
4:43 Crypto.com
6:04 Stay SAFE with Guardio!
7:29 Gate.io
8:25 Bitfinex
9:18 Huobi
10:24 Poloniex
10:57 Binance US
11:54 Gemini
12:42 Bitstamp
13:36 Bitget
14:10 OKX

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  1. Someone needs to do a deep dive into Coinbase. After FTX, it's clear, no one is safe. Bernie Madoff operated under strict regulations too.

  2. This is instructive, but I noticed right away that MEXC Global wasn't addressed. When FTX collapsed, MEXC had an increase in derivatives volume and was ranked no. 2 according to CMC on Nov 9. this will make it the safest of them all.

  3. I prefer the cryptocurrency exchange in the Utopia ecosystem. I like it because of its anonymity

  4. Bitfinex. I have been using this exchange for several years and there are no problems.

  5. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. And it seems to me that I have found a reliable option. Bitfinex has the best infrastructure. They never fall . This is the only exchange with 100% uptime.

  6. I feel free on Bitfinex. Because it is not tied to a specific cryptocurrency. For me, this exchange is the most reliable option.

  7. Hi Coinsider, I recommend a really strong project: Ridotto. Check out their CMC.

  8. Netcoins Canada is the safest exchange for me. It is a fully regulated crypto exchange.

  9. This type of content benefits me as a beginner who wants to enter crypto. Anyway, Thank you for making this video! It helps me choose an exchange that I can safely use. I also heard from many people about Netcoins, and they said it's a good one, and I'm looking forward to seeing your review about it too.

  10. Remember that Coinbase has a bad reputation for years when it comes to tranfering funds in high volatility moments . Coinbase stops working at these key moments.

  11. I have used several exchanges, but at the moment bitfinex seems to me the most secure.

  12. Also, Gemini's owners the Winklevoss bros/twins were the owners of BlockFi – which filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy.

  13. Yea sure leave your funds with centralized regulated bankers that can rob you with a blink of an eye!

  14. If binance is bankrupt what exchange can i use in russia????

  15. being sketchy with regulations and having poor KYC are pros, not cons

  16. We all know what is happening with Coinbase… Binance is here to stay…

  17. If you need to make a financial transaction without verifying your identity and providing any personal details – that's crp is

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