When We Expect Bitcoin To Hit $1 Million | Cathie Wood

laatste update: 06-2022

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When To Expect Bitcoin To Hit $1 Million | Cathie Wood

In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, Cathie Wood made a bold price prediction about the Bitcoin price. It’s no secret that Cathie has stated that she firmly believes Bitcoin will hit $1M, but this time she put a time period behind it. Bitcoin is currently trading at $40,500, up 1.7% in the past 7 days. Bitcoin has been trading sideways, generally in the $35-$45,000 range ever since the 50% drop in January 2022 from its all-time high of $66,6974 in October 2021. Bitcoin reaching $1 million dollars might seem like a longshot as of now but with a halving not too far away many pundits, analysts, and talking heads also believe that reaching a high six figures to a million per coin is feasible. While many believe that Bitcoin’s path to $1Million rests mostly on the institutional adoption that everyone is expecting, Cathie had a different view on this.
Listen to the full unedited interview here ⬇ [Credits] 🙏
Cathie Wood on Elon Musk and Twitter, why she thinks bitcoin could reach $1 million, and more

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30 gedachten over “When We Expect Bitcoin To Hit $1 Million | Cathie Wood”

  1. LMAO! Bitcoin is in a Bear Market and has lost $8000 since March 29th. Decentralized Stock market follower. Lol!

  2. It's very obvious that Satoshi Nakamoto intended the value of 1 BTC to reach $1 million dollars, because that is the market value where one Satoshi is exactly 1 US cent. Where there are 100,000,000 Satoshi in 1 BTC. So at 1 million the smallest division of BTC is equal to the smallest division of US currency (penny).

    If you believe that the creator of bitcoin was correct when he created bitcoin, then you must believe BTC will reach at least a million per coin. I would not bet against Satoshi Nakamoto.

    This will happen in under 5 years if we assume the value of BTC doubles every year. That is my prediction and reasoning for it.

  3. AXA group is funding the lightning network which is owned by Henri the former president of Bildeberg group. AXA group gave 55million just in 2017 btc has been hijacked they pumped it so that the average person looses interest

  4. Fidelity just announced yesterday or fay before its now offering bitcoin in its 401k plans going forward. No more than 20% weight of your portfolios value. This will pump up the price in the coming years as people dollar cost average weekly and wont be selling. Cause you dont sell funds in your 401k. You just keep growing them. This is the first step towards institutionalizing bitcoin.

  5. Bitcoin is such a overrated and almost useless thing, it's only used for speculation. And Cathie wood has no credibility, just look at her fund, I really cannot understand why people would trust her with their money.

  6. Sie is too bullish like these moonboys in youtube.

    We are now heading to the 200 week moving average and she say in television, that the bear market will be over soon. This is just ridiculous.

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