What’s REALLY Going On Right Now In The Market | Cathie Wood

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What’s REALLY Going On Right Now In The Market | Cathie Wood

In her Big Ideas report, Cathie Wood of Ark Invest discussed numerous topics, including monetary policy, fiscal policy, market signals, and innovation. Wood was very candid about her stock picks being down 75% at one point, but suggested that the reason for this is because her firm is as close to venture capital firm in the public equity market as you can find. Meaning, in the short term, her stock picks are high risk because she is early but according to her 5-year time horizon, she will win out big. One of the big mantras Wood preached during her 33-minute report was that innovation solves problems and we have a lot of problems to solve in the world right now, to say the least which is why she’s so bullish on her innovation platforms. Wood believes that the geopolitical turmoil between Russia and Ukraine has accelerated the timeline for these innovations to mature and that consumers will turn to innovation to combat everything that is coming, which we have seen a glimpse of with Bitcoin donations to Ukraine and the Canadian Truckers.
Listen to the full unedited interview here ⬇ [Credits] 🙏
Cathie Wood In Conversation With Miami Herbert Business School

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  1. Go Cathy, a oracle, seer & visionary of early
    innovation’s on
    a trajectory
    the future
    out. Rolling
    out to serve
    the prosperity
    of we the people
    at a faster rate
    of colorful
    and joyful
    that expand our
    lives forward toward
    ever increasing wellbeing.
    A wellbeing not for
    the few, but we
    the people

  2. This is all a smokescreen for the Great Reset. The whole thing is a criminal show pushed by NATO! It really is a well orchestrated setup. Furthermore, a move away from fossil fuels is even more destructive to the environment. The rate earths demand the destruction of karge swathes of land in order to extract them. This is totally rigged. A single volcanic eruption causes more pollution than the entire industrial world's pollution put together over a number of decades. NATO has bombed so so many countries over the past 20 years with hardly a whisper from msm. The hypocrisy stinks.

  3. Wrong wrong wrong she's 190,000 percent 190 trillion percent wrong inflation ain't going anywhere it's staying here until the dollar goes to zero

  4. Buy $SARK. It shorts her ETF. She invests like a teenager. I'm doubling my position everytime Cathy talks. She's delusional

  5. She has no clue what she's talking about; she's just pouring cash at everything in the hopes that a few will succeed.

    But no one gonna wanna wait 5 years on a gamble when her sectors that are being hit financially hard and business are in trouble all over the place

  6. cathie is full of it just look back at her recent video's in the past month or so. she always say we believe we believe which means nothing real, then when the markets change she then changes her words to we believe again to the total opposite scenario. ahaha pathetic

  7. Her 5 year time horizon took a bit of hit with Palantir sale. Unless they truly believe it won't get much better.

  8. BTC IS A BLACK HOLE ……………………………. ALL MONEY ……… ALL MONEY ………. ALL MONEY ………………………………………. WILL FLOW INTO BTC !

  9. BITCOIN DOMINANCE ABOUT TO GO TO 80% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALTCOINS WIL GET DESTROYED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It's crap in crypto as always ,no big money this year 22 is going be poor no $100,000 btc this year like I said last year or $10,000 Eth either

  11. We all don't really need to worry about the dump in Bitcoin price, Bitcoin still remains one of the best investment one could make in life. More persons are gonna be millionaires and we have bitcoin to thank for that

  12. Canada situation and World 🌍 events continues to show the urgency of moving into Bitcoin Litecoin and crypto …🏃‍♀️🏃🏿‍♂️

    Litecoin still the only other crypto being used on El Salvador 🇸🇻 ATMs. MWEB gaining ground by the day.

  13. Everybody close to retirement already knows most of these. Real question is where and how to go about these investments factoring the inflation rate. Is there even any other option besides the much talked about crypto?

  14. No environmental arguments in favour of nuclear, nah-ah. Uneconomic compared with renewables. And again you need to buy processed fuel and dispose of waste, same problem again relying on imports.

  15. Wait… Wasn't she saying to buy high flying tech some days ago? Others couldn't see it? 😂

  16. Do your own homework and draw your own conclusions. Lazy people deserve what they get.

  17. The fact that her mouth is so dry shows that she's afraid. She better pray that Trump is re-elected to take the US economy back from the globalists who want to destroy us.

  18. Cathie Wood about too be on Figueroa trying to make up those losses!😝🤣

  19. I thought she said we were going to get Deflation… Which is it?

  20. Cathie Woods way of talking has always bothered me. Even during presentations in our Bachelors we were taught not to use “ah” and “eh”. It’s in nearly every single sentence here.

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