What They’re NOT Telling You About Epstein

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30 gedachten over “What They’re NOT Telling You About Epstein”

  1. Shocking ! The political elite and Hollywood are morally bankrupt charlatans!! Who knew?

  2. Wise choice on the new ad. Regardless of how hard I tried, I could not skip over the images of milk pouring onto delicious fruity or chocolate cereal. Well done. According to my calculations you're a rich man.

  3. Nothing will happen to them in this life. But They will stand before the Lord Jesus and will be accountable for every sin, aw well as all of us unless we repent and believe the Gospel.

  4. I often call my friends prior to ejaculation. What's wrong with that? Geesh!

  5. Pedos are gonna need a bigger island 😂 and you thought Epstein island was bad ?!

  6. Just wait until talking about this will slowly become “anti-semitism”

  7. He was blackmailing people for governments all over the world. Wtf this is bigger than anyone can imagine WTF.

  8. Love your work but you need to stop promoting that absolute garbage cereal. Everyone listen to carnivore md if you want to maximise health

  9. I don't even need to watch this junk to know that the creator is an anti-semite. Looked at the videos he's posted. At least 3 about Israel. Little bit obsessed?

  10. Thank you for covering the important parts of this. This stuff has been known for years but even the most well respected independent journalists aren’t talking about it. Just getting distracted by the typical circus candy thrown at them by the psychos in charge.

  11. Will build a pervert Clinton that's just a guarantee God bless the king God

  12. Colts no big secret that Donald Trump and Epstein for years hated each other Donald Trump couldn't he turned him down for two country clubs that Donald Trump 10 photos pro Hamas protesters that hate people flying the King George the Saint George flag God bless the king God

  13. J Edgar Hoover ran the Federal bureau of investigations from 1929 to the day he died 1972 now all it takes for the president is to say You're fired okay do a president who couldn't stand him you know what Hoover had to blackmail information on everybody in politics in business and everything he was the most powerful man in America get the dirt on everybody get a lot of power look at those people in the American government and the British government that he had dirt on he could easily get diplomatic immunity if he needs it God save the King God bless the king

  14. Epstein and Maxwell an Israeli psyop to gain leverage and thus control over America.

  15. I hate those evil distractions. I have my own work and life to do but I’m constantly bombarded by all that’s evil in the whole world. Stupid social media, stupid phone, stupid internet.

  16. I wonder if Trump wins in 2024 .. can Trump order the release of ALL data?

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