What NOBODY Is Saying About The $1,000,000 Bitcoin Price Prediction!

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30 gedachten over “What NOBODY Is Saying About The $1,000,000 Bitcoin Price Prediction!”

  1. Bitcoin is as slow as a sloth, I would like to respectfully challenge a debate of Bitcoin vs XRP…. there is a reason why the SEC and wall street feel threatened by XRP and not Bitcoin

  2. I think you are rich enough to change Ledger for real wallet that will not make ou throw it against the wall every time you need to enter PIN. Get Trezor and save your nerves for important times

  3. Wow this space is fickle. A few months ago everyone thought btc was going to $12k.

  4. Nobody saying about something that mighy or might not happen鈥ut not sooner than 2035 or later lol

  5. Remember the Biden Administration passed the inflation reduction bill. So we'll be good right?

  6. "Hyperinflation" does not mean "massive inflation".

    Hyperinflation means you CANNOT BUY OR SELL because no one can account for value.

    200% inflation is not hyperinflation.

  7. Don't think because you guys aren't American citizens that you're safe.

  8. Crypto: hacks our tradfi and injects systemic risk.
    Systemic risk happens.
    Crypto: see, we told you it was bad.

  9. The CBDC will be a huge blow to human freedom. We must resist it with everything we have.

  10. What happens to loans in hyper inflation? Like if I have 100k loan, will that still be 100k ?

  11. Bitcoin has not proven to be a hedge for inflation. In fact, quite the opposite. Investors beware. It is a highly speculative and volatile investment. It is not a safe store of value.

  12. Banks are not insolvent. FTX is insolvent. And Crypto is ripe with fraud and corruption.

  13. Regulators are there for consumers. They just guaranteed depositors FDIC protection in the US. There is NO SUCH PROTECTION for crypto. Ask the investors in FTX!

  14. What's your decentralized exchange of choice these days?

  15. another cyrpto 'influencer" trying to invoke fomo.. typical of a 5th wave bs like "super cycle" nonsense at 69k, 9k inbound

  16. EVERYONE is misunderstanding the bet – the bet is $1million USD that Bitcoin will reach 100k in 90 days LOL

  17. When they say 1 million, they really mean 100k. Take your profits and wait for the next bull run. Don鈥檛 be greedy but be smart

  18. Problem reaction solution, their classic strategy aye guys.

  19. I really hope btc just goes up 10% a month and many people still fearful and saying going to crash, I鈥檓 not in btc direct but own MicroStrategy, Coinbase, riot platform, Argo blockchain, 8 mining, you can hold 拢1000 of each of these in your regulated stock market exchange long term with other stocks like Tesla , alibaba, prem African minerals , hold long term , less stressful than direct exposure to crypto exchanges I鈥檝e done so much better

  20. I don't think that picking out two commodities which increased in value proves hyperinflation. It is not like we biy lumber and steel everyday as individuals. That's why adjusted measures like the CPI exists. The CPI is showing inflation but with 6% no hyperinflation. Yes, the banks will be stabilized and I think that should be in everybody's intrest because a collapsing bank system will be very bad for all of economy including crypto. However, I feel there will be no collapse the US banks in question are way to small to threaten the whole banking system. It is true that some money will be printed which is fine because FED rate is increased too. So no biggy will all turn out well.

  21. We don鈥檛 need any regulators or regulations for banks. You just need to enforce the laws already in place.

    People give their money to the bank for safekeeping. If you go to collect the money for whatever reason, even during a bank run, and they don鈥檛 have the money, that is fraud. They stole it. The bank manager goes to jail. Problem solved without needing any regulations.

    But鈥 they obviously don鈥檛 want to solve the problem. Why would they?

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