What is Uniswap? (Animated) Decentralized Exchange + UNI Token

In this video, we explain what the Uniswap Decentralized Exchange is, including the purpose of it and the reason for the UNI token. There are 2 main uses for Uniswap.

So you could be a token swapper, and change your ETH for BAT for only .03%, which is useful to many traders. In fact, Uniswap currently has over one billion dollars trading each day.

Another main use is you could be a liquidity provider, and earn a return on your investment by lending it to the pool. Right now, there are 9 billion dollars in all of the pools on the Uniswap exchange.

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  4. A couple years ago there was not a place on earth where you could trade a potato for an apple.

    Even if the potato was probably domesticated more than 10 000 years ago, it on South America.

    Aples where on Eurasia.

    So they could only be traded by the end of the XVI century, whaaaat after the coin was widely used.

  5. these videos are really great. you're one of my fav channels..!

  6. at 3:52 should not the Ethereum be sold at lesser price to Uniswap, as there are more Ethereum with Uniswap compared to token

  7. I had to close my 20 year business in 2021 went into depression and also health issues, this video reinstated the confidence in me moving forward with something new. Thank you for this video and kudos to JAMES ,I know this is time for next millionaires to invest in the market

  8. You guys always do an amazing job on your videos! Well done!

  9. First of all, love your channel! I'm not sure what you mean when you say 'no taxes' at 6:27. Swapping one cryptocurrency for another is considered a taxable event so you'd still have to record a capitol gain or loss on that trade.

  10. Question: at 3:52 , the "selling of Ethereum at a higher price", is it assumed that the Ethereum is in the same scenario with the BAT? Hope you understand what I'm asking

  11. It's called Barter….and if you actually know what Barter means, then you were born in the last century..like me.

  12. Awesome teacher. I can understand everything very well. Thanks

  13. what happens to the value of lets say etherium potatoes when apples are traded for potatoes and the pool is depeleted of potatoes and the potato or etherium token goes up ut liquidity providers add more etherium increasing the amount of eth thereby stabilizing the potato price i am not sure i understand this and who is uniswap

  14. 2:48 that doesn't make sense. If someone buys a bunch of apples that means you received a bunch of potatoes.

    With liquidity it balances itself out. You should have said people on the other side with apples will start trading for potatoes even more now, since they can get more potatoes for each apple, making it balanced again.

  15. There was no potato a few thousand years ago in the Old World….

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