What is the Nervos Network? – CKB Beginners Guide in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

The Nervos Network is an openly accessible public blockchain ecosystem. It is also a collection of protocols that solve blockchains’ biggest challenges presented by projects like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Our BlockCard Learn video series is designed to provide a quick and easy-to-understand overview of some of the most popular concepts, terms, and technologies available in today’s ecosystem. Thanks for watching, and please share these videos if you find them helpful.

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30 gedachten over “What is the Nervos Network? – CKB Beginners Guide in 2022”

  1. To the average person this is not a simple explanation of the project.. the jargon is a hinderance. Good think some know how to do technical analysis.

  2. This dude looks like the guys that were giving nerds swirlies when I was growing up, not the guy hanging out with them. Great video man!

  3. Given the potential of this project, I have no doubt that it will hit $ 1 by 2022. From what I read in the whale group 90% is Hold 🤑

  4. What are you talking about…. I can't even understand anything this man is saying 😕… I will just invest small amount maybe I will make a fortune one day

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