13 gedachten over “What is the Ethereum merge?”

  1. Remember when like a decade ago there may have been a use case for cryptos… wait 🤤

  2. " super fast and complex computers is what miners run " thats when i knew this bloke was Full of sht ….. , you can mine with almost any GPU.

  3. All I know that I m losing 60 % with my ethereum on etoro!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

  4. Crypto is bringing a different revolution in the world economy. people who are optimistic investors earn consistently.. others will just sit and watch.

  5. This will be great in 2024 when btc pumps over 70k eth will probably be around 10k 20k hopefully 🤞

  6. Wow a few years ago the thought of crypto being talked about on mainstream media was unthinkable.
    Completely negative towards it when it was pennies, now into pounds with 95% useless cryptos they want to educate and encourage.

  7. Merge or not it's still useless. Been out there for years and still has zero practical uses

  8. But it is still more reliable to earn Crypton cryptocurrency by mining it on favorable terms in Utopia p2p ecosystem.

  9. so the thing they said would revolutionize the world and bring financial equality and stability didn't work so they are going to try something new that will bring on financial equality and stability……

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