What is the ACTUAL use of crypto?

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I am the co-founder of and both of which were funded by Y Combinator (Summer 2012 and Winter 2018).

I’ve been an entrepreneur for the last decade across multiple companies. I’ve done a lot of work in Silicon Valley, so that’s mostly what I talk about. I’ve raised over 10 rounds of venture capital totaling over $100m in funding.

I work mostly in tech-enabled consumer packaged goods, meaning I use software to make the best products possible and then deliver them to the widest possible audience. I’m a big fan of machine learning, python programming, and motion graphics.

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  1. hey everyone, please ignore all the scammers down in the comments.

  2. Crypto seems to be mostly used to scam people. Don't touch it with a barge pole

  3. узнал много нового про альткоины из твоего обзора я даже не думал, что сейчас есть столько крутых перспективных монеток

  4. 0:54 because this got canceled when Satoshi started working with the banks. They settled on using it as an asset, not as payment method.

  5. 6:36 that’s not true, it’s so much worth because it was stolen, and vanished for some time and got a huge publicity for that. There’s nothing special about it.

  6. A block chain means nothing, it's just a name for a decentralized data base, except there is no need for any game or even art to be decentralized, only a large multinational currency needs to be decentralized, and that's bitcoin. Literally anything with a Blockchain has no use case, because a Blockchain isn't an innovation




  8. The more spread out and diverse industry and services are the better.

  9. Btc is a store of value , and will continue on as such once all 21 million Btc are purchased the scarcity factor will make the price rise . It will always be traded as a store of value that is decentralize .

  10. Or if you are a criminal organization that is afraid of getting its dirty money seized you can buy bitcoin.

    NFT’s are a dream. Companies are never going to allow these special features to be used on their individual platforms unless they are getting a cut.

    Physical assets like art, land, jewels, ect will always have tangible value. Crypto, NFTs, ect are little more than scams.

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  12. WOoow! you somehow sounded like pro-NFT, almost recommending it. Would not buy even 1 if I had billions.

  13. Lol, cryptocurrencies can indeed be used to hide money from oppressive governments – but way more likely, it's used by criminals to protect money from legitimate democratic laws. 😂😂 So much for that use case.

  14. This video has too much emphasis on NFTs for the title of the video. Art is personal taste.

  15. You right You can't be in crypto to just buy and sell dips you gotta be willing to take it as currency

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