What is Tezos? | XTZ Crypto Explained in Simple English

Tezos aims to solve a number of blockchain Issues. The first one is that Tezos does not need a hard fork on its platform. As a result of this, it can upgrade itself when needed. The Tezos blockchain also addresses issues such as smart contract and transactions scalability

In this video, we’re going to discuss in detail all the features of Tezos and the XTZ token. Our aim is to do this in a way so that everyone can understand what the Tezos crypto project does without being confused.

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0:15 What is Tezos
1:31 The layman’s definition of Tezos
1:48 Tezos doesn’t need a hard fork
3:11 The XTZ token
4:06 Pros and Cons of Tezos