What is Solana? SOL Explained with Animations

Solana is a fast, cheap, and monstrous blockchain that’s popped up lately. In this video, we talk about some technical stuff of Solana, go over how it was founded, and then explain the tokenomics of the project.

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30 gedachten over “What is Solana? SOL Explained with Animations”

  1. If you're about to comment "SOLANA ISN'T DECENTRALIZED…" listen to this part at 9:22… "Solana actually went down in December 2020 for around 6 hours, this is a little scary". Yes, I mentioned this, and yes, this video was posted a day before their mainnet went down on September 14 lol

  2. Holy Cow i can not believe I got 6 seconds into this video listening to this 16 year old kid talk through his fuckin nose

    JFC youre annoying

  3. <<<Everyone needs more than their salary to be financial stable. The best thing to do with your money is to invest it rightly, because money left for saving always end up used with no returns..>>>

  4. LoL aged well, I guess your 8 bucks sol prediction wasn't included

  5. Solana is NOT a real cryptocurrency since it is not decentralized and runs on Googles Big Table service, run away….run away… run away…

  6. Hey bro , heard anew token listing name XACT token, kind of reward system , revive in the form of xact token,when doing shopping , which connecting real world, can you explain the tokenomics about xact token

  7. Solana still holds a top 5 place in my portfolio I love it it’s been through hell and back this year it’s fast and a lot of coins are supported on its blockchain even if I didn’t hold any I’d be sending my Usdc from coinbase to binance or kucoin with it then cashing out love it or hate it Solana is very useful while it has many problems the only other candidate I see as better for its specific use case is polygon and well… it’s above sol in my portfolio I hope they fix they’re outages not many people realize the sell pressure it went under during the collapse of ftx alameda sold hard and it withheld that institutional sell pressure I wish it had a burn mechanism or a max supply those are the things that irk me quite a bit and of course the obvious outages I still believe there is a bullish case for Solana though but maybe a risky play

  8. Man! No one explain it this simpl and succinct. I think you can make something like this for $RENEC BLOCK CHAIN. PLEASE VIEW MY PREVIOUS COMMENT. thanks

  9. Now make a video on "What is Redlight Chain? REDLC Explained with Animations" (Its the first truly layer 1 EVM gasless blockchain with 0 fees, not $0.0001, all free Zero!

  10. Solana is so clearly a scam, rofl. I like the part where he says, THEY MUST KNOW SOMETHING I DONT
    I feel bad for kids who are gonna lose money in all these altcoins.
    Bitcoin is the only one that may have a future.

  11. Thanks, good content. When I search for information on cryptocurrencies, I get a lot of low quality bait like that you mention at the beginning of your video, it's good to see that someone is taking advantage of this market.

  12. I came because I want the Solana Saga, the spiritual successor to the Essential Phone, but I didn't know what Solana was. 5 min in, I realized I didn't give a shit about any of this stuff. I'll just ignore the crypto stuff on the phone

  13. Bitcoin transactions were cheap too at first. They're all cheap. At first more people get into it more use capabilities. The higher they make it to send and receive it's inevitable. The whole satoshiakamoto saving the world in 2008 after a real estate crisis is b***** and so is this f**** channel

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