What is proton (XPR)?

With a massive rise in the popularity of Bitcoin, many tech-savvy investors are keen to invest in the crypto market. This has given a rise to the advent and creation of many new cryptos, equipped with the latest and unique features. One such new crypto is ‘Proton’.

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10 gedachten over “What is proton (XPR)?”

  1. Proton Highlights

    🔥Zero fee. Amazing!
    🔥Readable @name address
    🔥Fiat integration
    🔥Fast transaction
    🔥Slick wallet
    🔥Swap, stake and farming
    🔥NFT marketplace
    🔥Build for merchant, fintech and banking
    🔥ProtonLoan Defi
    🔥Wrapping any coin
    🔥PNS Domain names
    🔥Metaverse ready for gaming, including VR games
    🔥KYC onchain

  2. XPR PROTON will be a top 10 crypto! The tech is revolutionary and patented….calling it now 2022 will be a very big year for XPR and their other products⚛️🔥🚀

  3. Guy's if you deposit you can win share of 3,000,000 $XPR on #MEXC..
    And also invite to share 3,520,000 $XPR 💲

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