What is Monero XMR Price Predictions

Monero Cryptocurrency whiteboard. Lets dive deep into Monero XMR crypto and learn how it works, how privacy coins function, why they are important then we will make some Monero XMR Price Price Predictions. #monero #xmr #privacy

0:00 What is Monero.
1:30 Monero Cryptocurrency Explained.
3:00 Privacy Crypto’s Explained.
5:50 How do Privacy Coins Work.
7:05 What is a Ring Signature.
10:45 What is Kovri.
11:39 What is the best Privacy Cryptocurrency.
12:50 Monero Price Prediction.
13:50 XMR Price Prediction 2025.

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  1. Wow, this is truly a fascinating crypto !! I am curious as to it's adoption and use case

  2. I got in crypto with Bitcoin and stayed in for Monero .
    Great video as usual 👍

  3. I feel a disturbance in the force…I think the big dump is starting…I think its going to be a crazy week

  4. Hi Matt,
    How about a video on the Telos project & VLX.
    I recently joined your channel and I must say that you have cleared and enlightened me to many things especially when it comes to selecting a project

  5. I have never seriously looked into Monero but this video prompted me to do so and dive deep into its technology. May load up a handful just in case.
    I wouldn't mind if you could do a video on KASPA…quite intrigued by that project and keen to hear your analysis.

  6. Totally like Tornado Cash so increasingly authoritarian govs gonna ban it all kinds

  7. Great video. Thanks for all the hard work in researching all these projects.

  8. Watching your video explainer on different cryptocurrencies is becoming my habit.
    Another great video Ryan, keep up the great work!

  9. Can you make a video about coins that you believe will do 100x in next bull run?
    And I know you are not a financial advisor I just want to know your opinions. Also I would be happy if you do a review on injective coin (inj).

  10. no offense but xmr looks suspiciously good to be true… i will do my own research before investing any of my tether in it

  11. Unfortunately big exchanges like binance don't like Monero, any other exchanges where I can buy?

  12. I remember seeing Mcafee preaching about Monero RIP🌻 I don’t know why I check crypto channels with my £50 in the game and never transferred it to fiat but on on a 97% loss, subscribed🪬

  13. Monaro Monaro Monaro because you feel like a monarch with Monero or what's the point? xD Other than that good video.

  14. Harmony video. It may be dead come next bull run. Might be good video on what went wrong.

  15. Monero is a sleeping giant in the face of the tyranny looking to crack down on any financial freedom in the world. A fight worth fighting.

  16. Excellent video.. thank you for creating this. You wouldn’t happen to any videos or information about XDC ?

  17. That's not how you pronounce monero lmao but great video !!

  18. From an absolute rationality perspective Monero is a certain winner. Hear me out.
    Monero, once mainstream discovered, has the great odds to cater a four+ trillion dollar organized crime market. It's literally internet cash w/o the gov issued part. Also it isn't like transparent chains, which are worse debit cards.

    I'd like to remind people of the early days of bitcoin.

    I for one don't advocate for criminal activity, but I do recommend to follow money, with your own legally obtained money.

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