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Monero is an untraceable, private, and secured cryptocurrency. Monero’s utilization is a particular kind of cryptography to make sure that each and every transaction remains completely untraceable. In a progressively crystal clear world, you can see why something similar to Monero is so desired.

The Monero team is a group of seven developers of which five have chosen to stay unidentified while the other 2 have come out unfastened in public very boldly. They are “David Latapie” and “Riccardo Spagni” with the nickname “Fluffypony”. The whole project is open to the public and also was crowdfunded.

The first thing about Monero is that only you are in control of all the exchanges and transactions you do, you are accountable for everything. And because your personal identity is unknown, no one will know what you are using your currency for.

Secondly, one of the most interesting features of Monero because of its privacy is that it is “fungible”. Fungible is defined as a good or as an asset’s interchangeability with other single goods or assets of the same kind.

The third feature of Monero, is its dynamic scalability. Monero doesn’t have a pre-set size limit, but this also can have the ability for a malicious hacker to clog the system with malevolent blocks. But to prevent this from ever occurring, there is a block payoff penalty built-in to the system.

The last key feature of Monero is it has multiple keys. This can be unclear to some users since Ethereum and Bitcoin both use one private and one public key. But with the way Monero works, it is a bit more complex. Monero uses a public view key and a private view key. The public view key is used to create a one-time hidden address where the funds will be conveyed to the receiver. And the private view key is utilized by the receiver to search the blockchain and discover the funds that had been sent to them.

To conclude Monero, It is one of the most private cryptos from the rest of the cryptocurrencies. The transactions aren’t traceable, they are unknown, the blocks have no limits, and they are also very scalable. Also once the Monero supply comes to an end there will still be an uninterrupted amount of 0.3 per minute of supply for the incentive miners.