30 gedachten over “What is MetaMask?”

  1. seeing comments about this guy viral freaked me a little, I thought everyone was a bot till I spoke with him myself and he got the job done for me pulling out $14000 for me without stress all thanks to #fidlecyber..

  2. I appreciate your commitment and honesty throughout my withdrawal process from money I'm so delighted to get my crypto's back successfully..

  3. the amount of dedication he put into recovery is unbelievable, this is a true masterpiece!! his withdrawal process are the best and ease..

  4. Thank you , we are going to use and promote more metamask

  5. I think it is more likely for BTC, ETH, Pi Net, to retest the resistance to the upside and then move lower. But as always, things change on a daily basis and all we can do is to trade responsibly and keep track of the markets and re-evaluate our strategies frequently. I want to thank you Mr. Nicholas Jaroslav . For being my source of crypto education, As I am comfortably making 14.8 BTC.

  6. Tolong diperbaiki aplikasinya sangat lambat hampir tidak bisa dibuka

  7. I have never been able to deposit into Metamask. Why? Because I have no clue how to deposit. There is no log in interface to be able to ask for support. So, to me, it is shite!

  8. The support is terrible and the instagram page is full of phishings. A shame for a company that has security as its basis. As you don't want to be responsible for the theft of my tokens, I will shout for the whole world to show the danger of investing in the metamask wallet. Everyone will know how fragile your security is, because of that i lost more than $ 200,000 = 5,866,265 DMTR tokens.

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