What is Internet Computer ICP? #henryzhang #internetcomputer #icp

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What is the Internet Computer and ICP?
The Internet Computer blockchain incorporates a radical rethink of blockchain design, powered by innovations in cryptography. It provides the first “World Computer” blockchain that can be used to build almost any online system or service, including demanding web social media, without need for traditional IT such as cloud computing services. As such it can enable full end-to-end decentralization.

A Web3 enabler
Imagine creating a group chat to organize your next vacation with friends, playing a social game, or interacting with photos and videos uploaded by your crush – social networks are now part of everyday life. However, they pose numerous privacy issues for users, share sensitive information with corporations, and often overwhelm users with advertisements. When you sign-up, you are asked to agree to general terms and conditions, but you cannot influence how your data is used, or what features the services provide.

Web3 has the potential to fundamentally update this old formula. A true World Computer can be used to build anything in a totally decentralized way, including demanding services like social networks. Whereas before blockchains could only be used to build web3 services in conjunction with traditional IT, such as cloud computing services, a World Computer blockchain makes it possible to build services that run entirely on blockchain. This makes it possible to assign control of these services to community DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). These play the role of digital democracies in cypherspace that mediate the wishes of their online communities regarding economic matters, and how to update and configure the services.

In this new formula, users are becoming both owners of web3 services and also part of the team that runs them – for example by referring other users, to drive viral growth, or helping with important tasks such as content moderation. Because web3 services running on the blockchain under the control of a DAO are fully decentralized, just like a blockchain, they can also tokenize, just like a blockchain. For example, a web3 service might airdrop the DAO’s governance tokens to users that help out, or enable users to send satoshis with a chat message.

Services like this are already being built today on the Internet Computer blockchain, which has provided the World Computer capabilities and functionality necessary. The aim is to transform the entire internet ecosystem.
#henryzhang #internetcomputer #icp