What is Harmony One and Would We Invest? | Cheeky Crypto Review ONE

laatste update: 05-2022

In this Harmony One cryptocurrency video we take a look at the Harmony One project and go through the various elements that make up the Harmony project.

00:00 Intro
00:58 What is Harmony ONE?
03:15 The Harmony ONE NFT Market
04:07 Harmony ONE Helping Businesses
05:30 Effective Proof of Stake (ePOS)
07:07 Sharded Blockchain
08:10 The Harmony ONE Token
11:41 A Cross Chain Bridge
13:48 The Harmony ONE Team
15:43 Would We Invest?
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DISCLAIMER: We are not a financial advisers. None of what we have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.

30 gedachten over “What is Harmony One and Would We Invest? | Cheeky Crypto Review ONE”

  1. I remember back in college, my roommate offered me about 9btc for a pair of Nike running shoes lol, it’ll probably be one of the most expensive shoes on the planet today if I had accepted the offer. Anyway I’m done regretting, I can boldly say I make twice as much annually investing in crypto trading/mining particularly BTC/ETH(for three years now). I’m willing to teach/show interested parties everything I know, I believe everyone is entitled to a share of what the cryptocurrency and forex market has to offer.

  2. Harmony is going to be big in a couple of years… do you lot think it's possible that ETH and ONE merge in the future?

  3. Would we invest? I know you already are….. 🙂 – I have a lot of ONE bags now…. need more, and will keep buying until it gets to 10 cents – currently staking mine in Binance

  4. Great the way you can have a laugh at yourself and not take it all too seriously 👍 good way to be in life. Great content as always lads 🤜💥💯💯💯💯💯

  5. "Well Chris, what do you think?"….'Well I…"…."Exactly Chris, the digital assets in the NFTs are the growing part of the blockchain. Tell me Chris, what do you think about the security?"…'Well that is…'…"Precisely. The proof of stake that exists on this blockchain that had a good solid foundation is critical. Tell me Chris, what are your thoughts on it's protocols?"…'That is an impor….'…"Yes! It's a crucial thing for decentralization and……."

  6. I've invested in Harmony Coin $ONE thanks your informative clip. The info was amazing thank you. This coin has so much potential to greatness.

    If you're a validator let me know I'll stake in it. Cheers

  7. I always laugh listening to a long talk, followed by Chris few dull words to end the topic 😂😂

  8. Great content + entertaining performance 😉
    What are your thoughts on Axion (AXN), Anker (ANKR) and Akash (AKT)?

  9. You guys ramble too much. Just get to simple basic fundamentals. You could have said all that in 3 minutes. 19 minutes long and boring.

  10. technically harmony is very good, the team have 7 engineers and experts who have worked for apple, microsoft and google, this coin compete with etherium, should be able to come close to etherium because of its fast speed, cheap. only 1.6 B market cap compare etherium 420 B MC. $2+ is unavoidable…..

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