What is going on at Manchester United!? | Erik ten Hag’s DISASTROUS start as manager 🤯

Manchester United are in a mess and Erik ten Hag, their third manager in the last year, is finding out exactly the size of the task facing him.

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29 gedachten over “What is going on at Manchester United!? | Erik ten Hag’s DISASTROUS start as manager 🤯”

  1. We can talk about the managers, we can talk about the owners but is it now time to really start to question the Manchester United players after a disastrous start to this season? 🤨

  2. man united has to suffer the exact same way arsenal did , rebuild slowly and in 2-3 years they’ll be back cuz the gap is already there with the top 6 teams , it ain’t easy to catch on them with a new manager that wants to play in a specific way

  3. Is time for Glazers family to kick need rebuild and transform…😔😭

  4. God: I will be the manager.
    Club: Maguire has to start and he should be the captain.
    God: 😮😮

  5. Only managers that could fix man united pep/klopp/tuchel. Tuchel came in January where lampard left off at 9th back to 4th I don’t think pochettino can fix

  6. Ragnick was a lousy manager, how do you expect players to feel when your manager publicly calls you crap?

  7. Ragnick was spot on. Man U need new 6-10 new signings, and before you do that you need to think of how you want to play. He wasn't a good manager IMO, but he was spot on in his assessment of the squad, cause they need open heart surgery.

  8. Is time for Glazers family to kick need rebuild and transform…😔😭

  9. man utd…finish this season….before season over cos ten is 2 class manager

  10. Ralf was spot on..Ten Hag should have listened to him carefully

  11. With the struggles United are currently enduring, where do you think they will finish this season? 👀

  12. Most Man Utd fans can agree we wanted Ragnick to stay as a consult, but the media forced him out. Now they are acting like they backed him all along. The media wanted OGS to stay and called Ragnick the problem and are now doing the same with ETH

  13. Beautiful scenes of glorious Emotion. Long may it continue. ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL!!!!!

  14. Arsenal was almost in this path. Just says what a phenomenal job Arteta has done

  15. High wages could also be the reason why players aren't performing. These players only care about money than playing for the club. I can't beliveve why they're paying a lot of lofty salaries to these players who don't even deserve it.

  16. Wake up. How many managers are you going to sack. With the SAME PLAYERS. Wake up. It should be the players getting the axe. Not the manager. I am sick of this. Managers getting sacked and keeping to the same average players

  17. There’s nothing clear and there’s no togetherness. Maguire isn’t captian material. Ronaldo drama will accelerate your sack date. You need to tell the board, Ronaldo can’t remain at the club. He’s bigger than the club. He divided and disrupted whatever Ole had built. The sooner you realize that the sooner you might salvage the season.

  18. 🧐.. ETH speaking almost similar with Unay as Arsenal Head Coach…
    😐.. Not clear enough..

  19. Get ready for 18+ video on next Monday
    Stay tuned: sky sports at 9:30pm

  20. Even Leicester at good condition than MU.

    MU shoul win against Everton tho.

  21. People have been calling him Erik Ten Months. I think its Erik Ten Match

  22. ralf shud be allow to work together with erik. 10 players? Yesss!! precisely!! pep & klopp? don't be so cocky, both of u stinky psychos just wait for Manchester United to rise up to the occasion once again

  23. With that same unstable defense line, what else do you expect? Perish!
    One thing that is clear is managers do not play, but they are here for months and then gone.

  24. What do these managers have in common in the recent 5 years or so? They still play the same lifeless players.

  25. Rebuild should’ve already happened years ago. Now you’ve delayed it for so long and are suffering the consequences. Blame the board of directors and the glazers. Absolute incompetence

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