What is Fantom? FTM Explained with Animations

Fantom is a DAG network that allows users to send and receive cryptocurrencies, as well as use smart contracts to interact with dApps. In a sense, Fantom is a faster, cheaper version of Ethereum, but with more centralization.

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30 gedachten over “What is Fantom? FTM Explained with Animations”

  1. Back and forth is a too costly mechanism, look at gas fees for ethereum right now it's really high as the n/w keeps checking for txn status. fail project phantom.

  2. Solana is 10 times faster than fanthom .. sol is king of defi when comes to speed and efficiency.

  3. Thank you for putting up this video! It's extremely pleasant and informational 🙂

  4. how do i get onto the fantom opera eco system? this will let me do whatever in Fantom eco right/??? how do i do this/??

  5. Add DUNKs to your portfolio, this is about to take over the crypto world like they said. The marketing is going crazy, community is fun, and we always shill together.

  6. the 1/3 is not less than other blockchains. it is also, 1/3 + 1. they assume the existance of a firewall, that isolates 1 third of the nodes. thus, the remaining is 2/3. thus, 1/3 + 1 gives you majority over this side of the firewall, than you remove the firewall and change the other side with 2/3 of the total already in consensus. for a detailed explanation, check hedera hashgraph leeman baird explanation on this. great work, yours. congratulations.

  7. The minimum stake to run a validator node on Fantom is lowered to 500,000 FTM.

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    people earning from it. Please can someone tell me what to do?

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