What Is Cardano (ADA)? Top 4 Projects On Cardano In 2022!

Top Cardano projects in 2022 – Cardano (ADA) is a proof-of-stake blockchain cryptocurrency founded in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson. The Cardano blockchain was created for decentralized application (dApp) distribution. Cardano and ADA are not the same, Cardano is a blockchain platform, and ADA is the cryptocurrency on that platform. ADA fuels the Cardano blockchain and gets it going.

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Cardano –
Minswap –
SundaeSwap –
MuesliSwap –

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00:37 What is Cardano?
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30 gedachten over “What Is Cardano (ADA)? Top 4 Projects On Cardano In 2022!”

  1. If this weren’t CoinGecko, that robotic voice would prevent me from trusting a word this lady says.

  2. A good list.

    Dont forgett Meld, Ardana, AADA, Drip and many more cardano projects.

  3. Buy and Hold Shiba inu, Ada, ShibaDoge, PandaGirl, LunarDefi, CatCoin, Kishu Inu, XRP and BNB

  4. Adax will blow people’s mind when V2 goes live mid Q2 before hydra 🔥🔥

  5. any thoughts for the revuto ? they promising to be the first dapp for suscribtion managment

  6. Adax will change the game!!!!!
    Lets go ADAX 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💯

  7. Nice , Adax is going places, only needs some time, great project !!

  8. well well well, Genius Yield deserves a slot as one of the top Cardano projects. No doubt! Genius DEX has no IL, Genius Yield creating a Business accelerator via Genius X, and so much more going on.

  9. Cardano low cap low circulation "Store of Value" assets will create the next wave of millionaires in cryptocurrency.
    Ibileciin (BLC)
    Cardano Gold ( CARGO)
    Rhodium (RHOD)
    Do the research yourself and look at the charts.
    The moment is now! Dont miss it!

  10. Don’t wait to buy ADA ! Buy ADA & stake!!!
    Built properly from the ground up and will continue to evolve into the future!

  11. Been messing around with some Ethe apps and they absolutely suck. Gas fees are stupid high.

  12. AlgoDex, DeFly, and TinyMan. AlgoDex use ms order book paradigm, DeFly & TinyMan traditional DEX order type. ALGO fees are super cheap, transx really fast. So why OPUL over FRR? Both Music Industry ventures, but only one is multiple chains, yep Opulous (OPUL). A lot cool projects are built on the wrong networks, this one got it right.

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