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  1. I stopped at :30 seconds. Did anybody view this before it was published or do you think everybody is a speed reader. Slow it down a little bit and review after editing.

  2. What I read:
    Think of Blockchain as stored like a spreadsheet or this block contains data, a new hash and a hash from the previous block. The data depends on the type of block most hyped book Bitcoin's data records the details of the next information is Hash is what identifies the think of it as a number key that's one of a kind. The last bit is the hash from the previous block. This is what makes blockchain a unique way to verify another critical feature: Blockchain is distributed. … and so on, you get the point.

  3. Way to blow that text right on by! I missed about 30% of it because of the text whizzing by so fast, and, am not curious enough to go back and pause my way thru your video. You people are better than this. Thumb's down.

  4. I wouldn't consider myself a stupid man, but I have no idea what this means. The explanation sounds like someone reading out of a tech manual designed for people that already know what they're reading.

  5. Who wants to read information videos? I select and put my phone down and listen most of the time.

  6. Howstuffworks I loved your site and the idea but honestly your youtube channel is not that great. This video can be replaced with a .txt file

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