What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

laatste update: 05-2022

Bitcoin Cash, the most talked-about altcoin which resulted from a Bitcoin hard fork. Know more about the difference between bitcoin and bitcoin cash as Kyla discusses in this episode things you need to know about bitcoin cash.

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  1. Excellent tutorial with tremendous informative and effective content on What's Bitcoin Cash. Thank you for sharing this. I loved the whole presentation of this content from beginning to end. Your entire review is fantastic AND EFFECTIVE. Good job! You're great

  2. Excellent video about Bitcoin Cash, I love it when Kyla discusses in this episode the things we need in this world bitcoins. Thank you

  3. As bitcoin cash born through hard fork to battle bitcoin limitations and it is different bitcoin. In this daily dose of bitcoin Kyla clearly stated and I love watching your every video. I learned a lot from you.

  4. A very informative video – the detail concept of BCH the way it has explained is really very useful. Thanks indeed for sharing such a detail one.

  5. Great information. I really need it. I am looking for info about this and the best videos I watched came from this channel!…Continue your nice work.

  6. There is also a new fork of Bitcoin Cash called DeVault that has a cold rewards system for holders and is the only fork of BCH with actual coding effort occurring. Same benefits as BCH plus an added DAO system leveraging 1 coin = 1 vote and rewards for the holders that work offline. 2 months old and would love to give you guys the scoop if you'd like 😀


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