What is Binance Dual Investment? | #Binance Official Guide

💡 Binance Dual Investment lets you deposit a cryptocurrency and earn yield based on two assets. Dual Investment users are guaranteed to receive a fixed return on one of two assets.

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  1. Incomplete and almost deceitful. It says high risk investment. Whats the risk?

  2. I'm a fan of yours dude! I'm also a fan of AMMYI . I wish you had done a review of such a great project yet.

  3. Don't fall for high APY rates. Subscribe for highest strike Price in up-and-exercise and lowest strike price in down-and-exercise. Simply means u don't want the product to get exercised. Chance of loss will be low. Telling from my own experience.

  4. Well done for highlighting perspective projects! I want to share Sakura Apes in turn! Thanks to the round minting rule, there will be no irrational gas price during minting

  5. Investing in crypto right now is one if the most reliable way to make profits. The high liquidity associated with crypto makes it a makes it a great investment vessel

  6. This investment change the delivery date, causing the payout to be delayed by 7 days. And support can't check or help.

  7. If the coin price go up or equal you will loose the profit you had made if you would keep the crypto coin free without puting there, the money you earn is calculated plus the price that shows there, you see that in some cases there it offer a big procentage interest, there is the risk you loose profit if the crypto coin go above or equal that price until the end of the period that is show there…if there is r eth price 4550 busd, if the price of the eth goes up to say 4700 or equal you will recieve 4550+the interest calculated there to say 4556, but if you put 1 eth you loose 144 busd at the end period, hope you understand, the smaller is the risk the smaller is the interest where the coin price is higher…just watch and calculate, if you are lucky and after you get the interest in busd and the eth price go below 4550 you buy more with 6 busd and you have profit multiplying the coin…

  8. What happens if the final price of BTC on the 30st day is lower than the initial price of BTC?

    Do we lose all the initial capital?

    Do we earn according to the APY and we are getting paid in BTC?

    Or we don't earn at all?

  9. The switch is only based on strike price, letssaythe strike at 40k but when excercied 45k ur loss ur gain diferent between 45-40k mean 5k gain loss

  10. Which time will Settlement Date for Dual Investments be realized? 12am or 11:59pm of that day?

    I'm trying Dual Investment from Binance Earn for the first time. I was just wondering what value at what time Binance considers for the trading price?

    Is it at the start of the day or at the end? Also what time zone are we following?

    Any info would be super appreciated. Thanks!

  11. Podiam fazer vídeos explicativos em português 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. Not to undervalue this video or anything but I wish someone could explain this in more depth because I do not completely understand it right now 😕

  13. Where is the risk? All I see in this video is upsides. Bitcoin went down? You get your money back anyways. Just trade it back for busd

  14. so battled, bemil surreal is about to fight. Have you bought bemil NFT yet?

  15. I'm very clear on the risk. Will have ot investigate further.

  16. Thanks for helping me for recover my lost cryptocurrency from investment scammers you did a great job and I want to say you are an amazing person and you have good work ethics.

  17. I understand the Settlement date is with respect to UTC. My doubt is if the settlement date is (consider) 30th April. How is the strike price calculated? Is this an average price for the entire day? or is the price recorded at a certain time? like 30th April @ hours (Midnight) ?
    Your response is highly appreciated.

  18. so let me get this straight, in either scenario you get back what u put in, the only difference would be the profit percentage?, why is that high risk?

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