What If You Invest $1,000 in SAFEMOON Right Now?

If you have $1,000 just lying around, you may look to buy some SafeMoon. Why? Since I came out with my other SafeMoon video a few days ago, SafeMoon has risen 81%. However, SafeMoon is considered a long-term investment, and if you want short-term gains maybe SafeMoon isn’t right for you. In this video, we explore the basics of tokenomics and how an initial $1,000 invested in SafeMoon can possibly make you a millionaire in a few years.


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SafeMoon Scam Allegations: A Crypto Hustle or a Rocket to Riches?






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21 gedachten over “What If You Invest $1,000 in SAFEMOON Right Now?”

  1. This is really a great video, but as for me i make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with mrs Patricia james , her trading strategies are top notch

  2. Good video by you.. Thank you so much.. The Project for which i am currently excited is GameJet The program starts (Bounty Round 1) on 12th June 2021. Once the closure is declared, the team will distribute the rewards by 11th July. Out of 1 billion supply 9% is allotted for marketing and 2.5% of which is assigned for pre-listing bounty program

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  6. The profit in Ms Felicia Lincoln investment really define her personality, and her sincerity has make a name for her

  7. Forex trading is one of the life time changing investment with the current inflation in coin

  8. If you think Safemoon will hit 1 cent, you are very too crazy

  9. The economy hardship, recession, unemployment and loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures.

  10. I put in 2,000 thousand dollars 💵 I think 🤔 is going to be big

  11. I put 3000$ at 0.000003$ I am lucky because at that time its only the money I was willing to lose but I want to put more but for now my financial life doesn't let me do that… But I'm bullish

  12. if anyone invested 1000$ in safemoon a year back..they would be broke as fuck now looool.

  13. Ha im a long time holded on alot of coins…
    It's interesting watching a video a
    year ish later..
    Wow what an interesting year..
    Cheers love yr vids

  14. If you had invested that $1,000 it would be worth nothing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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