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  1. What if suggestion: What if "MajorDragon/I/You" were in dragon ball. Make it to were you either get isekai or Die from old age and get reincarnated into the dragon ball as a human 15 years before the start of dragon ball with all your memories. and can you make it as realistic as possible like if you were actually in dragon ball what would do. this is a little something that i wrote 'if' you are going to take my suggestion:

    if i was in dragon ball: i my self would train as hard as possible when im a strong enough to fly around and so on i would say some fact's and things that

    "i'm" not suppose too know out loud to get kami's attention tell him i know the future and whats going to happen and i"m not

    suppose to Be here i"ll have him/Mr. Popo collect the Dragon Ball's wish to Be sent to namek or king kai so he can send me to namek the find Guru and have him read my memories use their dragon Ball's to. 1. wish for the earth Dragon Ball's to return to the place they were before i made my wish so everything that happens on earth goes to cannon. 2. wish to be a hybrid saiyan with a tail/more saiyan than human. 3. wish for the ability to create a portal into an upgraded version of the Earth's hyperbolic Time Chamber. Then i would have to "struggle" to get food for 4'n a half months use the dragon Ball's to make it so i have the ability to create any amount of any food of my choosing from nothing then i would wish for the ability to use the Kai Kai and to never age once i reach my prime age. then i would Kai kai to Yardrat where i would train even more and use the hyperbolic Time Chamber till "i think my SSJ4 is a little stronger" than goku's first time in SSJG. i would then Kai Kai to Whis and impress him enough to train me i would train with Whis in the HTC then go into his staff i would Train till i can use mastered SSJB-UI as BASE (so without any stamina drain and it destroying my body) i would the ask Whis to keep our training a secret and make me a full blooded saiyan. after this i would leave and go to earth right as gohan defeats cell, i would make up the story of me being born a low class saiyan and my parents were Elite Class saiyans, so they sent me off planet so know one would know about me, because they did not want to be embarrassed and look down on for having such a weak child. and as to why i'm here it's because i sensed someone with a "decent" power level. once they ask how i'm so powerful that i can defeat gohan in SSJ2 while i'm in base i'll just tell them that the planet i was on had something called a genie that grants 3 wish's every 1trillion years and the planet had no intelligent life forms so no one every used it so i was lucky and i wished 1. to never age again once i reach my prime age 2. i wished for the ability to create a portal to a endless room where time is slow as much as possible and that was 6 hours in the real world was 1 year in the room and because of how much power was use I was the only one that was allowed to enter the room(this is a lie) and for my third wish was the ability to create any amount of any food (and water) of my choosing from nothing. I would have told goku in secret that he has another son on the way and that i have forms FAR above SSJ2 and i can teach them to him and this would convince him to come back to life from this i would just have fun and enjoy my life, remember i have done nothing but train and most of my time has been spent training in the HTC and i'm WELL over 4000 years old most of that time has been spent training with Whis.

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