22 gedachten over “What If Goten And Trunks Was Locked Inside The HBTC?”

  1. goku and vegeta would of used the HBTC in secret or not but my point is that goku and vegeta would not allow Goten And Trunks to be stronger than them for "long" they would most likely use the HBTC to get stronger and use the dragon balls to age them down after their training this is something that goku and vegeta would not like but they would not put there full trust into Goten and Trunks to goku and vegeta they are still kids no matter how old their physical body is they would not allow their sons to be stronger than them for "long" so goku and vegeta would most likely make a deal of sort or them to work together to get alot stronger than their sons they are full blooded sayians after all. and i can't wait for the manga it sounds exciting

  2. Goku could simply teleport to new namek and get the dragon balls from there… And how would Goten and Trunks become super saiyan 4 if they don't have tails?

  3. i never got the whole ssj4 is equal to ssjb in power ssj4 is 10 times ssj3 so in order for ssjb to equal ssj4 ssjg would need less then a 10 times multiplier and i just don't see that happening that would be like getting the same result in battle of gods if goku somehow used super kioken times 5 in his ssj3 form

  4. I’m gonna be honest this is an extreme lowball to say the least not only do goten And Trunks have more potential than goku and vegeta they also have buu and remember when he was training he got insanely strong piccolo should also benefit from training with blue level fighters immensely maybe even getting another form ?

  5. Goten and Trunks don't have tails so no Oozaru…hence no Golden Oozaru and no Super Saiyan 4 or Upgrade of Super Saiyan 4.

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