30 gedachten over “What If Goku And Vegeta Was Locked In Whis Staff? MOVIE”

  1. I would say third strongest that's known gotta leave it open for another to come in to the story later but zalama and Zeno would be 1st and 2nd who is stronger is up in the air

  2. I would rath3r say that beerus would do it after the tournament of power and wish wouldnt tell them anything just sent the them food every once a while and i would saythatthey would be there for a half a year (time inside is half a year per a day outside)

  3. 1 thing I will say is pan would be in super Saiyan god at 13… Gohan was super Saiyan 2 at 11 and it seems the next gen will always have more potential and be more powerful than the previous 💯🟣

  4. i dont really think jiren would be that strong, due to the fact that he was probably on his own in there, goku and vegeta were training together

  5. Lmao I like how u keep it real cuz I Alrdy have watched so many ready watch how’s see what makes it Different 💯🙏🏾❤️

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